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Chane Behanan is Charles Barkley, with a heart. He’s the best I’ve had.

 What do I think of Pat Forde? Well, what do you think of William Faulkner?

Do you recall what was revealed the day the Big East died?

You go see Hangover 3? Fantastic. Incredible. If you were to construct a pedestal for all time best movies---first, second, and third---it’s on there. You got Godfather II, Hangover 3, and Blue Chips co-starring Rick Pitino.

Let’s say John Stockton and Isaiah Thomas dated for a bit, fell in love, had a child with every skill a point guard could ever have. That child’s name is Peyton Siva. He’s a special player. The best I’ve had. Has there ever been a better television character than Frasier Crane? The depth of his emotions just jump out of the screen and is, quite frankly, bone chilling. I’ll just say this about Tom Jurich...somebody had better get that man a chariot. He is to directing athletics as Spielberg is to movies, without all the special effects and propaganda. Best I've ever seen. Show me a better story in the history of the world than Georgi Deng and I’ll show you a piece of toilet paper. hyperbole_for_sale1 Mike Marra is still the best shooter of the basketball these tired eyes will ever see. If you were to construct a Mt. Rushmore for walk-ons---stay with me now---a mountain with the heads of the greatest walk-ons carved into its face, you start and end with Timothy Henderson.

The KFC Yum Center isn't just a basketball's a monument to the human spirit.

As far as holidays go, there's Columbus Day and then there's a bunch of fluffy, happy-go-lucky Hallmark cards. There's a lot of great coaches out there, but we're all chasing Ralph Willard. Best I've ever known. Luke Hancock chipped a tooth in practice...he may never regain full function. The planet Earth will never see a greater basketball game than the next one we play.

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