Today is the NCAA's deadline to declare

Today is the NCAA's deadline to declare

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Today is the day the NCAA set as the deadline for college basketball underclassmen to declare for the NBA Draft. The only issue with that is: no one cares about the NCAA's deadline. Players have until April 29th to declare for the draft by NBA rules, so why would anyone bother forcing a decision now? It's not like the NCAA can make them go to college if they decide to go pro sometime between tomorrow and April 29th. Today is meaningless for underclassmen, really. And Coach Cal agrees. Calipari told ESPN's Andy Katz yesterday that all five of his star underclassmen will use the NBA's deadline to come to a final decision. "I'm not pushing these guys. I told them to relax, do schoolwork, finish up and see their families. They've got time to make their decisions.'' He said, "All of them have done enough to think about it. It's not will they be drafted, but do they want to do it? That's the question for each of them. That's our Kentucky effect, and they've all benefited. It would be one heckuva of night if we had six guys in the first round.'' Davis could go ahead and announce today, but the others -- especially Teague and Lamb -- should take as much time as they can to make a decision. On another note, how silly is the NCAA's deadline? [Katz: Coach Cal's post-title ride]

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