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Today on KSR: A Message to BBN

Hi friends, happy Sunday! How are you? Still a little mad about the loss yesterday? Feeling the football win still? Me? I'm a little of both, but if I'm being honest, I'm also a little upset with some of the BBN. We'll get to some sports news quick-hitters in a minute, but first just hear me out for a second, BBN: Yesterday after the loss I hopped on Twitter and saw a ton of tweets from so-called "fans" that made me madder than the actual game did. hadn't even been 30 minutes since the game ended and I saw 15 (yes I actually counted) tweets about firing Cal, 10 tweets about how "this player needs to do this or that" and too many to count that said, "I'm done with this team." Now, before I continue let me be clear, I know not everyone feels this way, I love (almost) all of BBN dearly and I realize like with every fandom/religion/group: a few people do not represent the whole. But come on guys, seriously? Fire Cal? Ok, who should we replace him with? Seriously, give me a name, I'd love to know who you think could do better. You're done with this team? Fine by me, walk away. But, don't expect me to keep your seat on the bandwagon warm come March and definitely don't expect me to put you up on Top 10 Tweets ever again. So listen up fair weather BBN: I get it, you're frustrated about losing to Alabama, I am too. You're upset about not playing as well as we can, I am too. It's ok to be upset and mad, emotion is part of the beauty of sports fandom. But, before you go calling for Cal's head or demanding a player who you loved last week be dismissed from the team: take a deep breath. Remember 2014, remember how well this team played just two weeks ago, remember that a loss while sucky, is just a loss, and most importantly, remember that at least we aren't Louisville. Now moving on, The Timberwolves did a Bird Box Spoof and it's amazing Honestly, this is better than the actual movie. Kansas went down yesterday At least we didn't lose like this. Iowa State absolutely destroyed Kansas 77-60 and from looking at these highlights, I'm lowkey scared of the Cyclones. Mark my words, Iowa State WILL be in the tournament. UK Hoops plays today Your 14-1 Women's Basketball team takes on the scary good Mississippi State Bulldogs at 5 PM today. The Bulldogs are the first SEC road game for UK Hoops and a true test.  Tune in to the SEC Network to watch. That's all for me this morning folks. Go Cats.  


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