Today on KSR: A Rough Saturday Night for Kentucky

Today on KSR: A Rough Saturday Night for Kentucky

John Reecerabout 2 years


Aritcle written by:John ReecerJohn Reecer
[caption id="attachment_268710" align="alignnone" width="600"] © Jeff Blake | USATSI[/caption] Well, that didn’t go as planned. In case you did not know, the Wildcats lost to South Carolina last night 24-7 to drop to 2-3 on the season. And it’s even worse than it sounds. On the day, the Gamecocks managed 387 total yards compared to Kentucky’s 212, including just 90 through the air from quarterback Sawyer Smith on 11-32 passing and one interception. Yikes. It was clear Smith may still be feeling injured from last week, but that still doesn’t completely excuse him from what was easily the worst quarterback performance from the Wildcats this season. Things got so bad Lynn Bowden even stepped in and played quarterback for the last offensive possession for Kentucky. Of course, he actually did a great job as he led the Wildcats down the field for their only score. Thanks to Bowden, UK avoided the shutout. So where does Kentucky go from here? The good news (if there is any) is the Wildcats will have a bye week to regroup and get healthy before taking on the likes of Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, UT-Martin and Louisville to close out the year. They will have to win four of those games in order to be bowl eligible. UT-Martin and Louisville are contests the Wildcats should easily win, but its going to be tough sledding after that. They must win at least two of those four remaining SEC games to make it to a bowl. Go ahead and say a quick Sunday prayer for the Cats. Because if they continue to play like they did last night, then six wins could be harder than we thought. Elsewhere in College Football It was an incredibly boring weekend in college football. Sorry, but it is what it is. Only one team in the top 15 lost - California, who dropped a contest against a talented Arizona State team. There were only three truly news worthy stories from Saturday: First, Clemson should have lost to North Carolina yesterday. As Head Coach Dabo Swinney admitted after the game, the Tigers were outplayed and out-coached. The Tar Heels had a chance to beat the No. 1 team in the nation as they went for a game-winning two-point conversion. But……it did not go as planned. Running the speed option on the five-yard line against Clemson is just outrageous. Second, Notre Dame won in one of only two ranked matchups of the day. Yes, that is more of an indictment in how boring Saturday was, but the No. 10 Fighting Irish still defeated No. 18 Virginia handily at home. And lastly, Ohio State is really, really good. College Gameday was at Lincoln, Nebraska as the Cornhuskers took on the Buckeyes as a massive underdog. Justin Fields and company blew them out of the arena in a dominant 48-7 showing. Folks, the Buckeyes will be back in the playoffs this year. NFL Sunday While College Football Saturday was pretty lame this weekend, NFL Sunday promises us some pretty good matchups this week. Out of the 1 p.m. games, try to catch New England vs. Buffalo as both teams are undefeated, and the Bills fans will bring a crazy atmosphere to the game at home. Tom Brady should lead the Patriots to a victory, but this could be very entertaining. Out of the 4:25 games, I’ll call for the Vikings vs. the Bears to be the best game. This will be a tough and physical NFC North contest, but I expect it to have a very close finish. Finally, the Cowboys play the Saints for the Sunday Night Football game. Its Randall Cobb vs. Teddy Bridgewater in a huge NFC showdown. Be sure to watch and support Cobb and the Cowboys! Kickoff is slated for 8:20 p.m. ET.

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