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[caption id="attachment_302379" align="alignnone" width="929"] UKFootball | IG[/caption] Monday morning the Kentucky Football team gathered officially for the first time in almost three months. It looked much different than the last time they hit the field during spring practice. Corey Edmond and Mark Hill organized workouts for about 50 players that were broken down into small groups and staggered throughout the day. Instead of wearing helmets and shoulder pads, the players' equipment was limited to masks covering their faces. Once can assume it'd quite an inconvenience on a hot summer day, but it's much better than the alternative. If you thought it was hard enough figuring out who's who when they aren't wearing their numbers, try doing it while they're wearing masks. [caption id="attachment_302381" align="alignnone" width="1156"] UKFootball | IG[/caption] [caption id="attachment_302380" align="alignnone" width="968"] UKFootball | IG[/caption] If you guessed Terry Wilson, A.J. Rose and Beau Allen, Congrats! You're a winner! Today's prize is a sample of headlines and highlights from across the Big Blue Nation. Enjoy!

Football is on track to start on time

Sports Illustrated's Ross Dellenger reports that a six-week practice plan is currently circulating through conferences and athletic departments that would have the college football season starting on time. The plan calls for summer workouts and film study with coaches to begin July 13. The D-I Council will vote on the matter June 17.

Mid-Summer Return for UK Women's Basketball

While hosting Kentucky Sports Radio Monday morning, Matthew Mitchell revealed that his team will likely not return to campus until next month. The football team is currently the only team allowed on campus. "Our plan right now is to do a virtual summer for middle of June through July, and our hope is to get our team back on campus in late July," Mitchell said. "A lot has to happen between now and then, but at least there’s some plan to get that done. Each sport is handling that the best way they know how.”

Young is an Elite Pass Protector

You seemingly can't go a day without Pro Football Focus creating a graphic to praise a Kentucky Wildcat. In their latest, Landon Young grades out as the third-best returning pass blocker in Power Five football. The crazy part? Outside linebacker Boogie Watson told KSR yesterday that it's actually more difficult to go one-on-one against Darian Kinnard. Click below to watch the entire interview with UK's talented pass rusher.

Welcome Back, Spike 

Remember Spike Albrecht? The little dude from Michigan that scored 17 points on Louisville in the title game that never happened? Well, the tables have turned and now he is a member of the University of Louisville's coaching staff as a graduate assistant. 2020 is a strange, strange year.

Derek Willis gets Buckets 

The German basketball league is back in action. Ratiopharm Ulm got their second straight win to start the season thanks to Derek Willis and Archie Goodwin. The former UK shooting guard had 14 points while Willis recorded 10 points and seven rebounds in the 19-point win. If you need some hoops to watch, Derek's wife Keely will be streaming today's game live on Instagram at 2:30 p.m. ET.

A Special Anniversary

It has been 100 years and a day since a distant cousin of mine (technically my grandfather's first cousin) was ejected from a Major League Baseball game. Edd Roush was a Hall of Famer that won multiple batting titles and a World Series, but the most well-known anecdote about his career happened while he was incapacitated in the outfield at the Polo Grounds.

New Podcasts 

Did I hear you say you needed some new podcasts to listen to? Well buddy, you're in luck. Yesterday we unleashed a new Aaron Torres Sports Podcast and a new Matt Jones Podcast featuring Myron Medcalf. Today Matt is speaking with Randall Cobb. Also on the football front, Adam Luckett and I teamed up for a brand new edition of 11 Personnel. Don't Geek.  

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