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Good morning BBN! I don't know about any of you, but I've been feeling like Cal in that picture since last night....maybe even last week. It's been a rough week for us UK fans. This sucks, this sucks a lot. There's really not any other way to put it, so let's dive right in.

Happy (late) birthday to Coach Cal!

Sorry your birthday present sucked. At least the Texas A&M student section sang to him... Y'all are just jealous you don't get birthday brownies.

Johnny Manziel was there

I was hoping his "#comebackszn" ways would rub off a little onto our basketball team. Manziel was honored and received a standing ovation when he was brought out on court. Also, this happened When you're the only notable person to come out of College Station, people go crazy I guess.

Thoughts and prayers to Sacha Killeya-Jones.

SKJ did not make it down to Texas yesterday. Instead, he was with family, grieving and celebrating the life of his grandfather. Thoughts and prayers up to Sacha!

This quote from Cal pretty much sums it up

In the post-game press conference, Cal said “We still have time to get this right....when we get this, we’ll bust through, but this is getting old." And all of the BBN said "agreed." This IS getting old and it's nice to know Cal agrees. I'm still hopeful and I think BBN as a whole should be, too. Just because your team is having ONE bad year doesn't mean you should give up. If you're out now, please don't come back in March or next year when we're getting good again. We don't need you.

We aren't the only team that lost...

Yesterday was a big day of upsets and bad losses. Let's start with our rival, Tennessee, first. Colin Sexton and the Tide beat the Vols 78-50 to win their fifth straight game. Yeah, 78-50. Alabama is starting to scare me a bit. No. 2 Virginia lost to state rival Virginia Tech in overtime 61-60. Michigan State barely squeaked by No. 3 Purdue, too. If not for this shot from Miles Bridges, they'd have lost. Baylor snapped an 11-game losing streak by beating our friend Bill Self 80-64.  Iowa State took down Oklahoma 88-80. How crazy of a year has it been in college basketball? This tweet sums it up pretty well: Only 28 days till Selection Sunday.

How to not think about the loss today

  1.  Watch UK Hoops take on Miss. State at 2pm on ESPNU. Matthew Mitchell is making headway trying to turn this team around. With the bulldogs being No. 2 in the nation, beating them would mean everything.
  2. THE OLYMPICS!!! On the schedule today? Hockey, curling (everyone's favorite), luge and figure skating. I'll be on front of the TV with NBC on all day, if you need me.
  3.  Watch the new David Letterman Netflix Special. If you haven't yet, today would be the perfect rainy Sunday for it
  That's all I've got. Go Cats and Happy Sunday!

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