Tom Crean is a little too obsessed with "positionless" basketball

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It’s been a while since we’ve all gathered ’round and laughed at Tom Crean, so why don’t we take a moment to do just that?

John Calipari’s been hammering “positionless” basketball into our brains for years, but apparently, Tom Crean is just now catching on to the concept. Today at the Maui Invitational, it was revealed that Georgia’s players aren’t listed by position on the roster, only by “B,” which simply stands for “Basketball Player.” LOL.

Shoutout to Aaron Torres for the eye-roll inducing screengrab.

A quick glance at Georgia’s game notes confirms there are no positions listed:

…Not even on the player bios. Here’s Anthony Edwards’ bio from Georgia’s site compared to Ashton Hagans’ from Kentucky’s:

If you’re curious, Georgia is currently losing to Michigan State by 20 points. That’s not going to stop Crean from striking a pose, though:

UPDATE: Anthony Edwards must have checked KSR and taken offense to this post because he almost brought Georgia back to win the damn thing, scoring 37 points, 33 in the second half. The Bulldogs lost 93-85, but Edwards is legit.

Crean should at least list him as “VGB” on the roster — Very Good Basketball Player.

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