Tom Izzo blasted by ESPN OTL reporter for handling of reported sexual assault

Jack Pilgrimover 3 years


Aritcle written by:Jack PilgrimJack Pilgrim
Last week, Michigan State doctor Larry Nassar was sentenced to up to 175 years in prison for sexual assault and molestation of over 150 women. On Friday afternoon, Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis announced his resignation. Just a few hours later, ESPN released a bombshell report saying basketball coach Tom Izzo and football coach Mark Dantonio knew of more sexual assaults involving their players on and off campus and mishandled reporting the incidents to the proper authorities.

Former MSU point guard Travis Walton became a student assistant coach for Izzo during the 2009-10 season, where he reportedly punched a woman in the face at a bar. In another incident, Walton and two other members of the basketball team were alleged to have sexually assaulted another woman.

When asked about his handling of the incidents this weekend, Izzo didn't help his case by any means. As for the football program under Dantonio, 16 different players were reportedly involved in sexual assault incidents. The NCAA is currently investigating the entire school, and as of now, things aren't looking too promising for either head coach. Oh, and as for the NCAA, President Mark Emmert reportedly knew about 37 (THIRTY-SEVEN) sexual assault cases back in 2010 and did absolutely nothing about any of them. Once again, when there are countless issues of substance that need to be addressed, the leader of the NCAA proves to be incompetent again. I'd say I'm shocked, but at this point, is it really even a surprise anymore? [mobile_ad]

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