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Tom Selleck's Tuesday News and Views

Matt Jonesalmost 14 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
eykkgjhg Today's birthday entry is a man known not just for his acting ability (Magnum PI is often shown in acting schools across the world), but also for his ability to make the world easier for men with chest hair. Tom Selleck was a sex symbol in this country in the late 70s and 80s for reasons that may seem bizarre to many today. Blessed with chest hair that would not stop and a moustache that was inexplicable, Tom Selleck was the George Clooney of his era when Clooney was stuck doing episodes of Facts of Life. Selleck's moustache is almost iconic even though it makes no sense to most of us. In fact, I will go so far as to say that moustaches make no sense to me period. I understand the goatee and fu manchu look, but have you ever seen one person who looked good in just a moustache. To me moustache means either (a) cheesy, (b) gross or (c) extremely dorky. The only good modern moustache I can think of was worn by Will Forte in the SNL skit where he was a dancing basketball coach trying to pump up a basketball team with Peyton Manning on it. Besides that, the moustache is dead. But it worked for Selleck and he remains a figure that most in America know (thanks in part to his time as Courtney Cox's boyfriend on "Friends"). So happy birthday Tom....feel happy that I picked your birthday over my favorite short story author Anton Chekhov....shows I am getting dumber in my old age. To the news.... (1) PATRICK PATTERSON's FUTURE: With all of the great success that the Freshman phenom Patrick Patterson has been having in the Blue and White, the inevitable question that gets asked to me all the time is will Patrick go pro after this season? And it is a fair question. With the exception of Michael Beasley (who really should be National Player of the Year), you can make the argument that Patrick is having as good a season as any Freshman in America. Most draft projections put him somewhere in the mid-first round, which would likely be his destination if he were to test the draft waters. So will he go? All of the indications I have say no he wont. I was told when Patrick entered school that he would be in college for a minimum of two seasons, no matter what...and I have seen nothing to change that. It is true that Patrick is having as good a year as could have been imagined and is now on the NBA scouts' radar in a larger way. However this draft class is strong, and after one more year, Patrick could develop into a Top 10 pick next season. While there are never any guarantees, the smart money is on Patrick being a Cat next year. (2) CRAWFORD'S INJURY: Joe Crawford continues to deal with his injury and is still not able to practice with the rest of the team. It is truly a shame that this team simply cant all be healthy at the same time, but those are the cards that have been dealt to this group. I talked with some folks around the team who said that they dont necessarily think its assured that Joe plays this weekend and that the thought process on his particular injury is that by letting it heal fully, he wont have to do the on-again/off-again rotation of injuries that we have seen this year. The hope is to get Joe back on Saturday, but it could be the case that it is the next Saturday, when the Cats are at home against Alabama, before Joe sees the court again. (3) WESLEY WOODYARD RISING: We have talked on here over the last couple of days about the falling status of Andre Woodson in the draft, but some good news is also out there with the rising stock of Wesley Woodyard. The former Cat linebacker made waves at the Senior Bowl, leading his team in tackling and having Mike Singletary (who knows a thing or two about linebackers) call him potentially his favorite player in Mobile. Early draft projections had Woodyard as a fifth or sixth round pick, but a scout I talked to tonight told me that Wesley may have played himself into the late 2nd/3rd round area....a huge leap for the heart and soul of last year's Cat defense. (4) TWANNY BECKHAM: Now if you want to go old school Kentucky Sports Radio, I mean really old before we even did this blog regularly....then you will remember the name Antiquan Beckham. The former Ballard guard hit Kentucky Sports Radio lore when he came on the old podcast after telling us that he visited during Midnight Madness, only to reveal on the show that his "visit" was actually just coming up with his boys to see the event without even telling the UK staff. I always liked Twanny for that bit of chutzpah and have followed his career since then. He finished at Ballard last year, known for his quickness and ability to create, but also an inability to consistently knock down a jumper. He then went to prep school in New Hampshire, where he currently is playing. And now, like a jump from the past, the Cats are keeping an eye on Twanny. Evan Daniels of said today that Beckham is being watched by the UK coaching staff and they are in contact with his coach. While Tyrone Appleton still seems like the big 2008 guard prospect (but the Cats could be losing him to Kansas), Beckham may be back on the UK radar after all these years. Bears watching.... (5) BAD DAY FOR WAKE FOREST: There are bad days for college football programs...there are embarrassing days for college football programs...and then there is today for Wake Forest. Two stories broke that are....well, disappointing. First, and most seriously, is the news that Wake Forest RB Luke Camparelli posted a threat on his Facebook page to blow up the campus and wipe out the student body with an Uzi. He was kicked out of school today for obvious reasons. Less serious, but still bizarre, came the news that Freshman QB Riley Skinner has been posing nude for pictures that are now being passed around the campus. There are rumors that these pictures are being sold and are held by the entire Wake Forest student body. So there you go....looks like losing to Louisville in the Orange Bowl was not the worst day in Wake Forest football history. More during the day today, including a preview of the ALL A Classic which has two Bell County teams, with Pineville representing the 13th Region for the Boys and my alma mater Middlesboro holding down the 13th Region for the Girls. Looks like Kentucky Sports Radio will be heading to Richmond this week.....

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