Tomorrow, the Sklar Brothers make their triumphant return to KSR

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Mark Titus and Tate Frazier may have ruffled some feathers in their guest host appearance yesterday, but tomorrow, your old favorites the Sklar Brothers will be here to make it all better. I’ve lost track of how many times the Sklar Brothers have hosted the show, but it’s become one of KSR’s best summertime traditions. Tune in for two hours of Conway Twitty jokes, sports talk, and whatever else tickles their fancy. Curious what they’ve been up to since last summer? They starred in a Burger King commercial:

Were part of the “Missing Richard Simmons” phenomenon

…Made an appearance on “Better Call Saul”:

…and apparently are the executive producers of a new documentary about poop. Tune in tomorrow to hear what that’s all about.

Tomorrow, the SEC Network’s Laura Rutledge will take her turn in the hosting chair and give us her thoughts on SEC Media Days. Then, next week, it’s all UK:

Week Four

July 17: Dewayne Peevy
July 18: Nick Mingione
July 19: Tim Couch
July 20: Matthew Mitchell
July 21: UK Football coaches

Week Five

July 24: Seth Greenberg
July 25: Ramel “Smooth” Bradley
July 26: Cole Cubelic of the SEC Network
July 27: Guest Hosts
July 28: KSR Crew

If you can’t listen to the shows live, make sure you are subscribed to the iTunes KSR radio feed.

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