Tony K bludgeons the awful Mike Golic

Matt Jones08/15/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
Longtime readers of the blog know that is is very rare that I spend more than one day on any topic....well unless said topic is telling UK fans to stop being negative (longtime reader T. Walters accused me of writing the same column three times...point taken, I am done). Thus I likely shouldnt have another post on my boy Tony Kornheiser. But today he has been on the tips of a lot of folks' tongues. The reviews for his Monday Night Football performance have been generally positive, with a few outliers. Here is a representative column from Slate magazine where a critic gives Tony a generally passing grade. But as I said, not all were please. The most vocal critic was eternal idiot Mike Golic of the virtually unlistenable "Mike and Mike in the Morning." I know some of you are fans of that horrendous show, but it literally makes my ears bleed. Combine guys who take sports WAY too seriously and yet still think they are cute, making jokes that the writers for Jay Leno would reject with two hosts who may very well have the intelligence of ice cubes and you have what I believe to be, the worst of Sports Radio. What really makes the show intolerable is the blithering moron Mike Golic. There is nothing the guy says that ever makes me want to do anything but turn the radio off and find more entertaining for instance a C-Span 2 House Agriculture Committee meeting. Thus when I heard Golic was ripping Tony today saying that he has no business in a booth because he doesnt take sports seriously enough and has no knowledge like "guys who played the game", I thought Tony should be happy. After having bad enemies says you are very good. Well apparently Tony didnt agree, saying, "I would like to hang him on a meat hook." When Tony hates someone (see Jay Mariotti), he can be merciless. Mike Golic is about to engage in a war of words and intelligence with Kornheiser and Golic is bringing a pop gun to a machine gun battle. I cant wait.

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