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Tony Parker says ‘meh.’

So apparently being the starting PG for an NBA team, having millions of dollars, and being married to an incredibly beautiful woman doesn’t make you infallible.  I guess I’ll just stick to blogging, then.  In another incident of Athletes behaving badly, Tony Parker apparently was ‘sexting,’ with his former teammates wife.  I mean, it’s one thing to be chatting up taken women, it’s one thing to do it while you’re in a relationship, it’s another thing entirely to do it to one of your teammates girls.  That would be like Edgar Sosa being caught eating out at Porcini’s.  It’s just a no-no.

On the plus side, Eva is now back on the market.  If John Wall starts dating her, does that make it a turnover for Parker or an assist?

Onto the news:

-While we may never know if Mitch Barnhart was ever really in contention for the Kansas AD job, we do know he said the right things at the right time.  Mitch released a statement yesterday committing himself to Kentucky and his future here.  People have left jobs before after giving statements like that, but that’s usually reserved to coaches who have to face pressing media questions, not AD’s.  Look for Mitch to be around a while.

-Cal had a press conference today, and not much was said other than his normal early season coach speak.  Cal talked of how tough the opponents Kentucky is about to play will be, and insinuated that they could very well be 1-4 coming back from Maui.  He even talked about how dangerous Portland could be, in part because Terrence Jones is viewing the trip as a vacation – barely even noting the fact they they have a very real game to play on Friday night.  I don’t know about you, but I can think of one way to make sure he doesn’t think it’s a vacation – and it starts with a Grey and ends with a Hound. #bus.

But seriously, this is the same Calipari that gave us 7-9 losses last year when we were still undefeated.  Is it possible to be 1-4 on the way home from Maui?  Sure, but it’s also possible for me to fly my pig to hell to go ice skating, but it doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen.

-Joker also held a press conference yesterday to talk about the effects of the bye week and the look going into the final regular season game against Tennessee.  Honestly nothing of importance was said, other than Coach expressing his pleasure with practice so far, so that’s good.  Oh, and there remains no recruiting scandal with Mike Hartline, so you can all breathe a little easier tonight.

-One piece of news we learned yesterday was that Randall Cobb will have his high school jersey retired before Alcoa plays CAK in the playoffs this Friday.  I won’t lie, when Cobb tweeted out about getting his jersey retired and what an honor it was, I thought for a second he was talking about his Kentucky one.  I’m certainly glad that’s not happening this weekend (come back Cobb!) but it definitely needs to as soon as traditionally possible.

-Larry Vaught – of in-love-with-Jacob-Tamme – noticed today that former Cat and current Colt Tamme’s 24 catches over the past three weeks in the NFL are the most of any Wide Receiver in the league.  That’s pretty impressive, but we watched Tamme do these types of things in college.  He just needed a chance to shine and he finally got it.  Combine that with a QB like Peyton Manning and you’ve got the birth of a star.  Big props Jake.

-While I was writing this I heard news of Greg Oden’s injury taking him out for the season.  Awful news for a kid that can’t seem to catch a break.  But I guess when you’re 60 years old, maybe it’s not the best idea to be playing in the NBA anymore (unless you’re Shaq, apparently.)  I would also like to think Matt’s night post about Oden a couple days ago jinxed him, so look for Tony Parker’s season ending injury in the next couple days.

-Finally I have to address the question I get more than anything else.  High School Swimming’s meet season officially starts this weekend, and yes, you will see me on the pool deck again this year – I’ll be the one frantically checking the my phone for updates on games I’m missing.  Go Generals.

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