Tony! Tony! Tony!

by:Matt Jones08/14/06
You know how sometimes you play the game of who you would have over for dinner if you could pick anyone alive in the world. I am not sure who I would put on the list, as all of my selections seem sort of trivial. I mean I would like to have Bill Clinton, but that would make my mom roll her eyes. I might pick Nelson Mandela but he is old and doesnt really talk much. Maybe Bono, but as a musician, I might be disappointed if he was really stupid. So I am not sure. But one who would certainly make the list is Tony Kornheiser. In my mind, there is no funnier person on television or radio than Mr. Tony. In the world of sports journalism, where blundering idiots scream at each other on television and call it entertainment and ex jocks not named Charles Barkley or John McEnroe make comments as inane as any said by the most illiterate politician, Tony Kornheiser is fresh, funny and unbelievably, smart. While I love him on PTI, his true talent is radio and it is not an exaggeration to say that my admiration for the way he did his radio show was the inspiration for me trying this one. And thus tonight, I sat on my couch and watched Tony try out Monday Night Football. As the Orange Guy would surely admit, this is not his best forum. He isnt really a game analyst and watching him have to talk with Joe Theismann is like watching David Letterman interview Nicole feel for him. But, he was still very funny, making references to the Vikings Boat Cruise of last year and making the first half of the preseason game watchable. The folks at ESPN want Tony to be the new Howard Cosell. That wont happen. But Tony will be funny and free to admit that he knows nothing about sports. That is my kind of sports anchor.

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