Tony Wroten: New Recruiting Assistant?

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There is absolutely no denying the fact that social media sites have changed the face of college sports for good.  In some ways it’s a good thing, like when John Calipari urges donations to Haiti, or when Drew Franklin makes fun of Peyton Siva.  Other times it’s asking for trouble, as was the case with Mark Hamilton.  Still, the evolution of facebook and twitter have changed the game, as now every fan can follow players, coaches, and even recruits.

That being said, Tony Wroten has made himself a must follow on twitter the past week or two for any Kentucky fan.  The number 9 overall player for 2011 has sent these tweets out:

-First it was “Imma let y’all no now. My bro mike gillie already ready committed UK. So if my other bro teague It might b my turn.#Watyallthink”

-Then, he leaked that Teague was headed to Kentucky with this oneYessir. Mr.teague will b a kentucky wildcat. Its final. RT @JimmyClifford84 @TWroten5 teague gonna wear blue?”

-At that point, Wroten began a love affair with the Big Blue Nation by, well, admitting it. And I love the big blue nation. T @rahul91ai3 @TWroten5 is so freaking funny. BBN loves you. Come to uk!!”

“Man my bros gillie and teague r officially kentucky wildcats. Haha. Man is it my turn?

“I need to take my visit to UK ASAPPPPP

-Now here is where it gets interesting. Up until this point, it seems like Wroten might be interested in following Teague and Gilchrist to Kentucky, I hope I’m not being presumptuous in saying that. But now, he releases this tweet. “I need to get in touch wit da boy quincy miller. If u no him tell him to hit me ASAPP. Time to make history.I hope he ain’t a square. Lol jk”

Followed by “@qmillertime just got done workin out. But DM me ur # 5. We gotta talk bout somethin. U prolly already no what its bout. Lol”

With a response from Miller saying “Yup. RT @qmillertime @TWroten5 lol aye bro I don’t know how to direct message..message me urs and I’m about to text u”

In all honesty, Wroten could’ve been tweeting Miller about going out to McDonalds for some McGriddles with Gregg Doyel.  But isn’t it possible that the ninth ranked player in the country is planning on following the first and second, and bringing the third with him to Kentucky?  I think that would qualify as Wroten ‘making history,’ don’t you?

If you want to follow Tony Wroten yourself, you can do so here.

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