Tony Wroten speaks in more than 140 characters

Drew Franklinabout 11 years


Aritcle written by:Drew FranklinDrew Franklin

DrewFranklinKSR sent a spokesman from Cheddar's to catch up with Tony Wroten Jr. in Las Vegas.  In the interview, Scout's Evan Daniels asked Tony what his game is like when he is at his best.  "Unstoppable," Wroten responds. "No one in the country can stop me when I'm at my best."  Confidence is certainly not an issue with this kid. Daniels also asked Wroten how his recruiting process is progressing.  Wroten says it's still open and he insists that he isn't worried about which coaches are in the crowd.  He does, however, list Kentucky first when asked what schools are in the mix.  That's gotta be good for something, right?

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