Top 10 Rejected UK Fall Television Shows

by:Matt Jones10/02/06
Anyone with half a brain (not named the Turkey Hunter) who likes comedy has to give respect to David Letterman. He is the founder of the ironic sense of humor that now pervades all of American culture and virtually every current comedian from Jon Stewart to Conan O Brien owes him a tremendous debt of graditude. Plus, unlike Jay Leno, he isnt awful. Letterman is of course, best known for his Top 10 Lists, which are often funny, sometimes bomb, but have been the staple of his show for years. In that tradition, I present you the Top 10 Rejected UK Themed Fall Television Shows. This list was compiled by the Turkey Hunter and I, and if you get all the jokes, you are quite the UK fan: (10): Shagari Alleyne's "Head of the Class" (9): "The Bachelor": Gimel Martinez (8): Shawn Kemp: "Third Watch" (7): Bill Keightley: "America's Next Top Model" (6): Rashad Carruth's "Deal or No Deal" (5): "My Super Sweet Sixteen": starring Rep. Mark Foley (4): "Law and Order: UT Football Victims Unit" (3): Rajon Rondo's "Pimp My Ride" (2): The Making of the Bruce Pearl Swimsuit Calendar (1): And for our man Woo, unfortunately, three rejections: "Dancing with the Woo", "CSI: Poland" and "Woo the Bounty Hunter"

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