Top 50 Celebrity Sports Fan List

Matt Jones06/14/06


Article written by:Matt Jones
ESPN has just come out with the very intriguing Top 50 Sports Celebrity Fan List. Much of the list I find to be quite respectable. Jack Nicholson is a good number 1 as he is one of the most famous actors in the world and he is a huge fan of a very famous team. I like Spike Lee at number 2 as he may be the only celebrity fan who actually has had impacts on games....especially those during the famous Reggie Miller games. I think Eva Longoria is just silly at number 3. We will see how many Spurs games she treks to when Frenchie is not on the team. And I didnt even know that Jamie Foxx liked the me Michael Irvin's coke dealer would be much more appropriate. Our own Ashley Judd comes in at number 5. I would have had her number 3 as I think she is a much more genuine fan than the two ahead of her.....and whenever she doesnt look like complete crap (as during the Kansas game this season), she is a great promotional tool for the University. But the list does falter at the end. THe names get smaller and the teams get less important. And you know how far it falls when this man is number 45. My only question is....where is Vince Gill for Belmont? Name another celebrity who goes to every game of a team that is unknown.....he deserves a spot.....but maybe isnt on there as punishment for his living in sin with Amy Grant. The Lord works in mysterious ways....

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