Top Media Day Outtakes: Kittens vs. baby goats, That's So Bullitt County, Katy Perry, etc.

Top Media Day Outtakes: Kittens vs. baby goats, That's So Bullitt County, Katy Perry, etc.

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teamouttakes My main takeaway from yesterday's UK Basketball Media Day? This team is A LOT of fun. After we were done asking them all the boring basketball stuff (which you'll see plenty of in the coming week), I spent the last ten minutes of interview time trying to get to know the guys off the court and having some fun. I think you'll like the results.

Derek Willis doesn't really know what "That's So Bullitt County" means

The phrase has become a staple on the radio show and even spawned its own Throwboys Tee, which Derek himself wears on occasion. So, what does it mean? I went to the source:

A fan stalked the Wildcat Lodge to take a selfie with De'Aaron Fox...without Fox knowing

Kentucky fans are the best in the country, but sometimes we can be a little weird. Yesterday, I asked De'Aaron Fox what his weirdest fan interaction was so far at UK, and he said a fan waited in his car outside the Wildcat Lodge until Fox came out, got out of the car, and snapped a selfie with Fox, all without saying hello to him once:

What's Bam's favorite Katy Perry song?

In the UK Media Guide, Bam Adebayo, aka grown ass man who breaks rims and shatters backboards in his free time, admitted that his favorite singer is Katy Perry. He backed that yesterday, saying that he'd rather see Perry at Madness than Drake. What's his favorite Katy Perry song? "Last Friday Night (TGIF)": Bam didn't rule out coming out to a Katy Perry song at Madness, so stay tuned...

Brad didn't get birthday brownies from his mom before he was on the team First Calipari calls his daughters out and now Brad calls his mom out? What's happening to the first family of Kentucky basketball?

Two out of three Wildcats agree: kittens are cuter than baby goats I agree with Sacha on this one, but really, there are no losers in this debate.

Sacha Killeya-Jones gave Tai Wynyard a little grief over his accent

Finally, Outback or Cracker Barrel? I'm sure the debate will still rage on.

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