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Today is Christopher Guest's birthday, which would normally make me wax poetic about him, but I am in a hurry. So suffice to say that I love "Best in Show" and think it is a GREAT comedy, one of my Top Ten. And with that, lets Give ten thoughts on a non-news day (in the great sports columnist "I have nothing to write so I make a list") modern tradition, perfected by the Herald Leader and Courier Journal writers over the last few years: (1): The Cats leave today for Baton Rouge to play LSU. If you watched the Tigers play Tennessee tonight, you learned two things...first they are awful and Kentucky should win by 20 points if they play anywhere close to their "A" game. Second, Tasmin Mitchell is still there and is going into his 19th year of college. (2): The whole thing about the South Carolina Student Council resolution has gotten a lot of play. Drew Franklin is about to toast the South Carolina SGA today and it isnt going to be pretty. They thought it was funny...but Drew is funnier and meaner and knows their names and Facebook pages. Watch out. (3): I expect to see a more offensively oriented Patrick Patterson beginning Saturday in Baton Rouge. Calipari said after the last game that he expected Pat to crash the board on every play and not worry about getting back on defense. I see a big offensive game coming. (4): Interesting comment that hasnt gotten a lot of play from the last game. Calipari said that there are certain players that make a play in practice and he stops practice as the team yells, "do it in the game!" to reinforce confidence issues. When Demarcus Cousins was asked about it later, he mentioned Darius Miller as a common recipient saying, "Darius can really play. Peple wouldnt believe what he does in practice." I hope he soon will "do it in the game." (5): I love the Tee Martin hire at UK. The Vols wanted him to stay but he is coming to Lexington to try and advance his career. He is a winner and has a bright future as a coach. However he is used in Lexington, he will be a good recruiter and everyone who knows Tee praises him. Very happy with the hire. (6): Who would have ever imagined that UNC is killing our RPI. Another loss in the ACC and it looks like they wont make the tournament as it stands now. Who would have ever imagined? (7): Beisner is finally back after being gone for what seems like 45 straight days to Texas. He has had one of the odder experiences in recent memory and if he doesnt start writing again soon, I will have him deported to the same place that ESPN sent that Tom Brennan guy from Vermont. (8): When I think of LSU basketball, I think of Geert Hammick, a player who was best known for having his shot blocked by Andre Riddick and not being a great Shaquille O Neal replacement. Anyone know his whereabouts now? Does he want to be on a podcast? (9): The Lady Cats are absolutely on fire, winning their sixth consecutive league game tonight. As it stands, they are projected as a #5 seed in the tournament and continue to amaze with their performance. If they make the tournament and it is driveable, the KSR crew is doing a podcast from a game. Congrats to Matthew Mitchell and the ladies for playing so amazingly well. (10): Finally, the KSR Podcast will be taped in Frankfort this Saturday at the "Dragon Pub" after the LSU game. Apparently Gatewood Galbraith is hosting a political reception there at the same time, so there would seem to be the ppotential for some absurdity. Come out if you are in the area to see the crew, including Matt, Hubby, Drew and the Turkey Hunter. More all day, including a breakdown of how bad LSU really is and an absolute torching of those poor souls on the South Carolina SGA.

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