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davetopteb2 Matt Jones asked us to submit ideas for Top Ten lists for the site. He never replied to any of my ideas which I take to mean that they sucked. As I am running out of ideas and time, I figured I would create a Top Ten KSR Top Ten List of 2009. To qualify, you have to have posted your list in 2009 so any lists after this list Dustin's list are moot (for the purposes of this list, not their content, of course). Let's light this candle. 10) Chris Tomlin - Decade of Sports Movies: Chris Tomlin is one of the most creative people I know and anybody that can spew bile in the direction of Stu Scott has my utmost respect and approval. However, this is less a list and more of a retrospective. Tomlin never did like coloring inside the lines. He opens the list at #10. 09) Hunter Campbell - Top Ten Near Misses of the 2000's: Extremely nice use of the phrase 'gat dang'. Hank Hill would be proud. It would have ranked higher, but it hurts my very soul to read this list. It is best enjoyed in the fetal position with Sarah McLaughlin playing in the background. 08) Patrick Barker - Top Ten Shots of the Decade: This is a great piece and there are a ton of links which requires a ton of work for the blogger. Barker is a man working for his readers, people. My only complaint is that Mr. Daniels is underrated. As punishment, Barker gets slotted in the same place as he ranked E-Diddy. KARMA! 07) The Fake Gimel Martinez - The Top Ten Villains of the Decade: Another entry with a ton of links and great use of Snidely Whiplash. I think he covered everything except for one of my most hated Villains: Matt Walsh. If Calipari thinks he has his hands full with a student section awaiting a besmirched Rick Pitino, he should have been here each time Walsh came to Rupp. My suggestion to Cal is to take a cue from Tubby and just let it ride. 06) Duncan Cavanah - Football All Decade Team: This was a beeee-youtiful piece. The explanation for the selections was particularly informative and extremely well done. I hate that Lorenzen isn't on the list, but when you compare his accomplishments to Woodson's, it isn't close. Just looking at that offense and defense makes you realize how far UK football has come in such a short time. 05) Kate Martin - Top Ten Ladies: Who doesn't love Kate Martin? I mean, besides BTI? Aren't all her posts great? Isn't it awesome that she used one of my pics in this post? How many interrogatives can I write in a row? Ok. I'm done. (For the record, the answer is 5. See how that works out?). In all seriousness, more guys where I work comment on Kate's posts than anybody not named Drew Franklin. The lady is a talent even if she thinks a tomahawk jam is jelly you serve in helicopters. 04) Drew Franklin - All Decade "Never Forgotten" Team: Bill Simmons has a theory that your name can affect the way your play of a particular sport is perceived. For instance, he thinks if Joey Harrington had changed his name to Joe Harrington, he would have been regarded as a more competent player. After looking at the names on this list, I think the Simmons theory has merit. 03) Matt Jones - UK Basketball All Decade Team: Our fearless leader doing what our fearless leader does best - breaking down UK stories into an interesting, fun read. He has become The Voice of the UK Fan. I can't put him any higher than #3 though because he ranks Bogans over Fitch. Bogans tried to leave and took too long to realize his potential. Plus, I have a soft spot for guards that know how to rebound. 02) John Wilkersley - Ten Greatest Moments in UK Sports: There are so many good one-liners in here that you would swear that Turkey Hunter was ghost writing this piece (Seriously, read the #1 Florida comes to Rupp section. Joe B. Hall says that is ball-kickingly funny.) . Plus, the pic of the mass of blue storming the field with the LSU score on it never fails to take my breath away. 01) Christopher Johns - Top Ten KSR Top Ten Lists: Wrap your brain around that one, Mr. La Forge. This outta disrupt the space-time continuum reeeeeeealllll nice. Kinda like dividing by zero or something. If you wake up tomorrow and everything is in black and white, you can blame this list. Honorable Mention #1 - Mosley - Top Ten Lou Bega Songs of the 2000's. Made me chuckle. Honorable Mention #2 - Dustin Rumbaugh - The 10 Most Memorable Recruits of the Decade. Only here because I didn't get a chance to read and digest it properly. Everyone have a happy and safe New Year's.

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