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lebrony It was a rather convincing win for the Cats on Saturday, as they took a lead early on Vanderbilt and never turned back, holding a 12-19 point cushion the entire game. It was officially the longest game in Rupp in recent memory (4.5 hours I believe) and one of the more frustrating. Since I am the only one left all day here on Sunday to hold down the fort, lets look at ten notes: (1): If I remember this game (and chances are high I wont) five years from now, it will be known as the game the referees ruined. From the opening tip, the referees decided to dominate the contest, calling an absurd number of fouls that prevented the action from ever reaching any natural flow and causing both teams to be in foul trouble throughout. After the game, I was talking to the dean of college basketball writers, Dick "Hoops" Weiss, who said, "when referees start blowing the whistle, they cant stop...its like a disease." If thats the case, then today's game performance must be characterized as lupus. (2): The star of the show was Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins, who dominated the inside once again and continued his impressive string of top-notch performances. Boogie took to the task of going against a top-flight big man well, as he dominated AJ Ogilvy in nearly every way imaginable. After the game, Cousins said that all of the talk before the game about what it would be like for him to play against a top big man motivated him and he wanted to show that Ogilvy wasnt the dominant post player in the SEC. Mission accomplished. (3): Speaking of Ogilvy, his frosted tips hair was certainly a highlight to see for the opposition. Jimmy Dykes apparently praised his flowing locks with the same exuberance of a TBK lifetime member and AJ's hair was the dominant topic on the KSR Live Blog. While he certainly has some talent, Ogilvy may be the most overrated player in the conference and while his team is very good, the idea that he is a First Team All-SEC guy is silly. (4): The only people more giddy to see Lebron James in the building than the assembled media, were the students, fans and cheerleaders. Lebron talk was everywhere and people gasped as he walked by like he was a Backstreet Boy in 1998. I am not sure about his choice of apparel (he looks to be wearing my grandmother's blue cardigan), but like with Wall, he radiates a star power that is mighty impressive to see up close. (5): John Wall had some strange comments today to WLEX's Alan Cutler. He said that after Calipari said he played poorly against South Carolina: "I didn't think I played that bad. I don't know what to expect. He's probably going to say I played bad today too so. I don't know. I just try not to listen to him and go out and play basketball and try and help my team win. To be honest, I really haven't been having fun for the last two weeks. It's just being frustrated and things like that so, I just got to figure it out before we go further in league play." Kind of an odd sentiment for Wall, who had seemed positive to me in the last couple of weeks. You can read Cutler's full piece at this link. (6): Good to see Liggins and Dodson play well in their efforts today. Dodson showed that when this team hits three point shots, they are totally unguardable. And Liggins gave defensive energy throughout and got on the floor on play after play. When they step up, the team is much better for it....although Darius Miller will continue to see his minutes decrease. (7): Both teams believed that the various technicals were deserved. Both Calipari and Kevin from the "Office" said after the game that the technicals given by the referees were on point. Kevin said he "earned" his with some comments and Calipari said that Cousins deserved his as well. Although then Calipari repeated that he is proud of Demarcus's attitude progression and how far he has come this year. (8): In case you havent noticed, the guy with blue glasses behind the bench is becoming a star. Most seem to think he looks like Greg Raymer and he is a constant topic on the Live Blogs. I actually know the girl he sits with at all games well but I dont know his story. He has become the new "Dancing Guy" of 2010 as we all wonder who he is and what he does. (9): After the game, Calipari made sure to say that he was fine with the play of Patrick Patterson. He said that concerns fans had expressed about Patterson were off base and said that worrying about Patrick is "the least of our worries." He wants him to be a bit more aggressive but said he will focus on calling more plays for him going forward so as to get him involved in the action. (10): Huge win for the Cats, and CJ Leslie was in attendance for the big game. I personally didnt see him there, but our man Dustin made the report before it started. Seeing Lebron couldnt hurt and it may be that UK is pushing to try and get something done soon. Stay tuned to find out. Great win and a good time in Rupp. Hope you folks arent snowed in to badly and on Sunday, we will have Boogie on the fans, Rick Pitino's frustration and the podcast, with our guest Michael Porter. Stay tuned.....

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