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UK Athletics sat down with freshman quarterback Patrick Towles to discuss how he's adjusting to campus life, what he plans to bring to Kentucky Football this season and how his relationships with former NFL players has helped his development. Towles, a Fort Thomas, KY native, is regarded by some as the most accomplished quarterback in Kentucky state history. In his senior campaign, he threw an incredible 42 touchdowns and one interception to lead his team to a third state title. Towles realized that means nothing as he heads to the collegiate level. He knows what he did in high school is in the past and he has to prove himself in the SEC.
"It's so hard to get here, because at first, if you want to lead, you have to get the respect of the people you are leading," said Towles. "That's either going to be through hard work or fear or something like that. But coming in as a freshman, high school doesn't matter anymore. I don't have any stepping ground or anything that can prove to them to say, 'Hey, I deserve your respect.' These first two months, I'm just trying to get the respect of all my teammates so that when the time comes, I can."
Towles also talks about his relationship with former UK quarterback, Jared Lorenzen, and Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver now NBC Sports analyst, Cris Collinsworth. Collinsworth was named wide receivers coach at Towles' high school during his senior year, something that helped him have such a great season.
"It's been awesome because they've been there and done that," said Towles. "They know the best way to do things because, you know, they've done it. It was good to get their point of view and their opinions on everything, and it really helped me improve."
Great article from UK Athletics. Give it a read.

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