Taylor Chapman Gives Kentucky Fans Reason to Celebrate

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Chapman Don't get excited; turns out she's more annoying than Shelley Duvall. So today I'd really planned to take an in-depth look at prominent college programs' current NBA players, how they're doing, and who would win in an imaginary pickup game.  Really heavy stuff.  I might still look at that later on, but not today, because this is way better. If you keep your finger on the delicate pulse of the internet, you may have heard about a disgruntled Dunkin' Donuts customer in Florida who filmed an 8-minute video of herself being an absolute monster to employees.  I won't post the video (although I will link it), because it really is painful to watch, and that doesn't need to stick around our front page.  Also, the language is super offensive, and very NSFW.  But it's caught so much momentum over the last few days that it's been hard not to notice for people that visit the deep, dark places of the web, like yours truly.  TheGloss.com ran an article about the highlights (lowlights?) of the whole ordeal that's really worth reading if you can't watch the video.  Or don't want to.  And Huffington Post helped make sure the poor kid who got reamed was recognized for being more patient than a grown man sitting through a Golden Girls marathon.  As many have pointed out, the video's gone viral, but not for the reason she wanted. And in the off chance you still take this person seriously, there's this: So why is all this relevant to a Kentucky sports website?  Well, Louisville fans have been on their high horses all week (see: this morning's radio show), and while it's obvious they've had great success this year with their athletics, sometimes it's good to remind them that they act ridiculous. And Tracy Chapman's the worst of the bunch. That's right, apparently Miss Chapman is a Cardinal alum: TaylorChapmanLouisvilleAlum   Yikes.  Just a little perspective today, Cardinals.  This is what you're capable of.

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