Trae Golden and the UT Director of the Office of Student Judicial Affairs, sittin' in a tree...

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We interrupt Wigginsanity this evening to bring you a tale of love, secrecy and Tennessee Volunteers basketball. If you've been following the unfortunate demise of Trae Golden's career in orange, you need a hobby you're aware that the reasons behind his dismissal are purely academic. It was the result of repeated plagiarism, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported -- although his dad says otherwise. But now things are getting even juicier after the university's director of the office of student judicial affairs (Is that a real thing?) has been dismissed for failure to cooperate with an investigation into whether or not she has been canoodling with student-athletes. Trae Golden may be one of those student-athletes, according to WNML The Sports Animal. Jenny Wright, the woman in the middle of all this, tried to resign from her long-winded position with UT last Thursday but the university denied her resignation because she's part of the investigation. She was terminated this morning after she failed to show up to a meeting to figure it all out. The Sports Animal doesn't know how many student-athletes are involved, but Trae Golden appears to be the one of the alleged love-makers. I'm admittedly out of the Knoxville gossip loop, but I can assure you Skylar McBee's name won't come up on the list.  

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