Trae Young says Devin Booker's success story is the best he's heard on an in-home visit

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pi-nba-suns-devin-booker-120715-vresize-1200-675-high-80 Devin Booker's success story is one of the best of the John Calipari era. Back when Booker committed to Kentucky in October 2013, he was considered only a Top 25 player and the eighth best shooting guard in his class by 247 Sports Composite; however, it quickly became apparent that Booker was much, much better than that. Even though he planned on being at Kentucky for more than one season and averaged only 10 points per game in the platoon system, Booker impressed scouts so much that he left Kentucky a lottery pick, and is now considered one of the top 100 players in the NBA. Period. Booker is one the fastest rising stars in the league right now, which is why it comes as no surprise that John Calipari is using his story on recruiting trips. Five-star point guard Trae Young, Kentucky's most important recruit in the 2017 class, told USA Today High School's Jason Jones that Calipari's story about Booker is the best he's heard on any in-home visit thus far. Young said Cal told him that even though Booker came to UK with a three-year plan, Cal knew after only one or two workouts that he'd be a one-and-done. “Coach Cal told me a story about when they were recruiting Devin Booker it was understood that he was going to be on a three-year plan," Young said. "He was gonna be there three years and then he was gonna leave for the NBA. His parents knew that and everything. Well, Coach Cal put him through a couple workouts when he got there and called his dad and said, 'He’s gone this year. He’s out. He’s not coming back.' It was crazy because Coach Cal said his dad was still saying he planned on being there three years, but Coach Cal said no he was gone. He ended up being a lottery pick and he’s gonna be a franchise player. He just knew after a workout or two. Crazy.” Yes, it is. Hopefully, Trae's success story is one Calipari tells for years to come as well. [USATodayHSS]

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