Trevor Lacey, this guy and Def Jam records: An odd (and unbelievable?) love story

Thomas Beisnerover 10 years


Aritcle written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
jesse-schmitt1 If you're a top-flight high school athlete, you probably have video footage of you plastered all over YouTube and is generally set to some sort of rap track (<--- that's what the old men call it).  If you're extra special, you sometimes even get hot fire spit specifically for your marketing benefit.  That brings us to the case of UK recruit Trevor Lacey and a guy named Jesse Schmitt, a fifth grade teacher in Indiana.  After getting the approval of the four-star scorer to let his creative juices flow, Schmitt cranked out "Hit dat Trevor Lacey", a tune that, like all great YouTube high school basketball videos, hits heavy in both bass and buckets.  While it might have confused his students, who lose points for using such spelling, Schmitt's jam garnered 4,300 (that's it?) views on YouTube and got him contacted by Def Jam for a distribution deal (he seriously wants us to believe that?). Here it is:   Seriously, he wants us to believe that he was contacted by Def Jam?  Really? Nonetheless, on a more relevant note, Evan Daniels will join us next week for a Live Blog.  You're being notified early so you can make a highlight video for him.

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