Tubby Needs To Be A Man on a Mission, Not a Friendly Neighbor

After LHL's John Clay submitted 'his' article of pure plagerism of a fantastic piece written a few days ago by Larry Vaught, it appears that everyone agrees on at least one thing about the UK basketball program: A change is not only wanted, but it is desperately needed! I know, I know, the Bluegrass state is going overboard and the fans are wondering just where exactly this program is headed....again; However, this has become not only a local mindset, but also a national state of mind. All of Big Blue Nation saw it, heck the whole nation witnessed it, a frustrated Tubby venting after the loss to UCONN in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament that he would not endure another season like this and yes, that changes would be made. It was no secret that UK wasn't getting a lot of PT(if you'll have it) on ESPN this past season due to their poor play, but Tubby got enough of the spotlight that that very comment was shown during SportsCenter that night. It was also no secret that UK had fallen this past season and fallen hard by breaking records that no Blue follower desired to witness. A colleague of mine recently told me he would love to have Tubby as a neighbor, but not as a coach, I can't say I fully agree with his statement, but I must admit I'm scratching my head over his delaying of all these promises that we heard him say. I'm sure Tubby would be a great neighbor, but somewhere down deep is that coach who won a National Championship with his Comeback Cats, won 26 straight games, and swept the SEC regular season and Tournament. I'm not sure what exactly is 'wrong' with the program, but it needs to be fixed. I admire Tubby and his personality, but changes need to be made immediately. Everyone can see this and it's time to clean house. Let's get something straight right now, it's evident that Tubby Smith is a great man. He obviously is a loyal and honest man, but Tubby it is time to get mean! The 'sweet' guy never got the girl, the good guy never got the job, and the nice guy is not going to win a National Championship either. Am I saying that Tubby can't win a National Title? No, I am saying that Tubby is going to have to put his feelings aside and think about what's best for this program......IF he wants to stay here. I agree with the saying 'If it ain't broke don't fix it' , but when its shattered it's time to pick up the broom and do some house cleaning before things get worse. I don't care what kind of relationship Tubby has developed with Rigot, Hanson, or even Hobbes, if it needs fixing then get to work. I also don't care what relationship Tubby has developed with Crawford, Bradley, Thomas, Alleyne, Perry, Morris, etc., if it needs fixing then get to work. If Tubby doesn't have this in him then maybe it's time to move on. Tubby said it best himself when Joe Crawford contemplated a transfer last season: No one person is larger than Kentucky Basketball. Nearly everyone agrees changes need to be made and if Tubby is going to stick around then he needs to get his kind of players and coaches around him so this doesn't happen again. It's time to lose the friendly neighbor image and get down to buisness. Don't worry about pleasing everyone, take control and make the proper changes that are appropriate. This program doesn't need a neighbor, we need a coach who can motivate his team, his assistants, and right now his yawning fanbase. Tubby, I'd be happy to have you as a neighbor, but I've not given up on you as a coach. Neighbor or no neighbor, Tubby it's time to get ticked because someone has just stolen your lawn mower and taken a leak in your yard.

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