Tubby to be in Indy tonight; Not so "Big Baby"



Article written by:MosKnows
Just got off the phone with Matt who is presently at the Nike Camp. Matt has said that Tubby will be appearing in Indy tonight (presumably at the Camp, although Crackers Comedy Club has open-mic tonight) to take in the festivities. He also reports that the college players were playing pick-up games during the down-time and that "Big Baby" has lost a reported 40 pounds. Matt says that Baby looks toned and quicker than ever and has, no surprise, been dominate. Matt also says that Baby was wearing a lovely lavender shawl and pretty red pumps and that his sheepish grin made the girls squeal with delight (I added the last part, but Matt was swooning to a certain extent). Baby was the last to leave the floor as he managed to take a few extra practice shots prior to the whistle bringing every one back in. It appears safe to say that no one, save Lukasz Orzbut, will be able to fully contain the "Big", the "Bad", the "Baby" in the SEC this year. More to come...

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