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65642_nba_draft_basketball I love the Sports Guy.  We all do.  In fact, this blog may not exist if it weren't for him leading the way for a new generation of sports fans.  That's why we all forgive him when his trademark blanket statements sound nothing short of insane, as was the case yesterday.  Sports Guy has never been one to follow college basketball closely, but that never stops him from giving his (often uninformed) opinion.  In fact, one of the most miserable things I can remember listening to was his podcast last spring when he picked the NCAA tournament.  For someone who calls himself the Sports Guy, it was pretty uninformed to say the least.  Anyway, here's what he tweeted yesterday:
I'm just getting acclimated into college hoops. But still... no way Cole Aldrich should go lower than No. 5 in June's draft.
Really?  Ahead of whom?  Would you really take Aldrich over Cousins?  Speaking of Boogie, the success of the Cats has also improved the draft stocks of our "Big 3", Patterson, Cousins and Wall.  NBADraft.net's latest mock draft has Wall (1), Patterson (7) and Cousins (8) all in the Top 10 in June's draft.  Which begs the question- are those the best three players UK has ever had at the same time?  Who would be better?  Sure, you could make a case for Walker, Anderson and Mercer, but I'd say that's a push at best.  Not saying the this team is better than '96, but it might be better at the very top.  What say you?  Who is the greatest 1-2-3 punch UK has ever had?

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