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Rajon2 Lots going on tonight, so we gotta move quick on a couple of notes..... (1) Get ready for our man Rajon Rondo's stock to absolutely soar over the next year. In a manner similar to Tayshaun Prince, Rondo has fallen into a perfect situation on a team that is about to rise considerably in the rankings. With the acquisition of Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and the decision to keep Paul Pierce, Rondo will now likely start for a team that could be headed toward the Eastern Conference Finals. On a team full of superstars, Rondo can do what he does best, focus on defense and creation for his teammates. However, unfortunately he will not likely be able to do what the Celtics may need him most to do.....hit the open jumper. Nevertheless, Rondo will rise in the nation's collective basektball consciousness over the year and that can only help his alma mater....the Cats. (2) Speaking of stocks rising, if you invested last week in Jon Hood, you made a good choice. The rising junior from Madisonville has become the latest in the long line of Kentucky high school players hitting the national scene. Jerry Meyer of Rivals.com says that Wall was one of the revelations of the Vegas AAU tournament this past weekend and that teams like Tennessee are starting to become interested. This is one worth watching and I look forward to seeing the kid play this fall. (3) Two more days until contact period begins again.....expect news to go fast and furious for the next couple of weeks. On Thursday we will give you the "UK Recruit Summary" to get you caught up on where UK stands with the main targets and what the overall status of UK's efforts currently is. I often get asked, "Matt, summarize where we stand for those of us that dont follow it every day." Its coming..... Sad to hear that Tom Snyder passed away.....a legend in the interview business and someone who helped create the modern trend of making interviews entertaining by making the host entertaining. Also sad news about the Chief Justice's seizure.....those who know me know my fondness for him personally and I hope things end up ok with him. Phil Steele on the show Wednesday, Tyler Zeller on Thursday, Darius Miller on Friday.......be ready

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