Tuesday's Football Practice Notes

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Heading into the Louisville game, Coach Phillips wants the Cats to keep a physical mentality -- and today's practice reflected it. Phillips acknowledged there were some drills his team usually doesn't participate in this close to game day, but the team "needed it" and that a physical practice will "set the tempo" for a rivalry game. -Phillips thinks that QB Max Smith is further along in his development than former quarterbacks, Andre Woodson and Mike Hartline. He added that Smith will continue to get better with more snaps under his belt. -When asked if there was a difference between last year's defense and the current one, Phillips said these crop of players are much bigger, stronger, and faster. -The national attention that the Cardinals are getting doesn't bother Phillips at all. "I'm accustomed too it. Even when I thought we had some really good teams, the focus was still on them." -OC Randy Sanders says that Smith is "a million miles ahead" of where he was last year. -Sanders thinks that the relationship between offensive coordinator and quarterback is extremely important. Sanders and Smith's relationship has grown because he's able to trust Smith a lot more with the offense.   -RB CoShik Williams reiterated his confidence in the offensive line. Williams believes that the leadership from players like Wardford, Smith, and Mitchell are helping steady the younger guys. -Williams says that the confident words of Max Smith about his play has him "charged up." He ready to go out and prove why Smith has such high praise for the senior running back. -WR Coach Pat Washington says don't pay too much attention to the wide receiver depth chart. The guys that will put the team in the best position to win will play. -According to Washington, true freshmen, A.J. Legree and DeMarcus Sweat, are "on the heels" of the starters, and both will see time against Louisville. --------- Also, UK Football had a special guest at practice. Coach Calipari showed up to rub that championship stink all over the football team. Let's hope it works. (h/t @SteveJones_CJ)

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