Five Random Questions

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


It's Tuesday and it's overcast outside. Football is depressing and seeing pictures of the Big Blue Madness campers already lining up just reminds me I can't go. So, in the interest of shaking things up, here are five random questions. Any help answering them would be greatly appreciated. 1) When do tickets go on sale for Champions Classic (UK vs. Duke on Nov. 13)? The Champions Classic is less than two months away but there's still no announcement about when tickets go on sale. Thankfully, the Champions Classic has a Twitter page so people have been bugging them about it nonstop. Their most recent answers as to when tickets would go on sale: "Thanks for your inquiry. We're still working on a on sale date." (This was used seven times in the last week) "Not yet." "Still working on it." Sigh. Stay tuned. 2) Since when did playing college football require a "mega mask"? I get it: football is dangerous and everyone should use protection (that reminds me, happy birthday, Rick Pitino!). But Texas' new facemask goes a little bit over the top: How do you even see out of that thing? What's next, Darth Vader helmets? (Yes, I know you would approve, Fake Gimel.) UPDATE: Apparently this is fake, and thank god for that. Although, I've been thinking, and Oregon might be able to pull off those Darth Vader helmets next season... 3) How do you think other coaches react when they hear about the new Lodge and Alumni game? Between the video of the new Wildcat Lodge, the Alumni game, and a potential mega class coming in 2013, Cal is hitting home runs left and right. One thought I had over the weekend was what must other coaches think of him now? If they hated him before, they must despise him now. Can you imagine Kevin Stallings watching the video tour of the Lodge? 4) Why the heck didn't Michael Turner take a cab?! Atlanta Falcons running back Michael Turner got a DUI early this morning after celebrating the Falcons' win over the Broncos. According to Atlanta police, he was going 97 mph, 32 mph over the speed limit, on I-85 and reeked of alcohol. Hey, I get it--Turner scored a TD, Peyton Manning looked awful, Atlanta has a poppin' partying scene, but come on. Take a cab. Or hire a driver. Stupid is a stupid does. 5) Is there anyone better than Joe B.? At his statue unveiling today, Joe B. joked that at least the pigeons would have a place to hang out now. He also teased Cal for not sending the pictures he sent him of Gregory Peck to the artist. I fully expect a Joe B. and Denny photo op next to the statue in the coming weeks. This leads to a question for you guys: Who gets the next statue on UK's campus? Hmmm...I wonder.

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