Tuesday's Top 10: Gran, Basketball Recruiting and More

Tuesday's Top 10: Gran, Basketball Recruiting and More

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Good morning, Big Blue Nation. Here's your 10 to start your day.   1. We'll hear from Eddie Gran and the offense today. Tuesday will provide us with the first round of interviews out of fall practice as Coach Gran and members of his offense will be available this morning on the second full day of camp. We just heard from them on Sunday, so there probably won't be a done of news, but we'll get to know how things went Sunday evening and on Monday. Coverage and comments here on KSR, per usual. 2. Maybe some Lynn Bowden news soon? Mark Stoops said it will be a couple of days before Bowden works through his eligibility issues. Well, we're getting into "couple days" territory, so hopefully some news will come soon. Bowden is still in Lexington, for what it's worth. 3. Cameron Reddish named his top five, Kentucky included. As expected, Kentucky made the cut for Cameron Reddish, the five-star small forward out of Pennsylvania. Reddish also included Duke, UCLA, UConn and Villanova. https://twitter.com/camreddish/status/892169279038214146 Duke is considered to be Kentucky's top competitor. 4. Other schools jumping on Shittu too. Coach Cal spent the weekend watching Canadian prospect Simisola Shittu up in Canada, and now North Carolina is getting in on the fun. Shittu picked up an offer from UNC on Tuesday, joining a long list of schools on his offer sheet. Kentucky, however, has not extended an offer just yet. 5. R.J. Barrett reclassified to 2018. The star forward announced the news in his blog for USA Today High School Sports, writing, “Really, it’s been a thought of mine for the last year, but I wanted to wait and see how the season would go and how school would go and when everything went well it became more and more real so I made the decision to go ahead and do it.” Barrett also wrote that Arizona, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Oregon, Texas and UCLA are recruiting him the hardest right now. It'll be interesting to see where he falls in the rankings because he's GOOD. 6. I love the comments on our post about moving outside the U.S. On yesterday's radio show we talked about where we would live in the world if we didn't live in America. We said "If Trump kicked us out..." simply as a way to create a hypothetical situation of having to move immediately to another country, for the sake of the conversation. But because it's the internet, a handful of people can't see that we were only talking about what country we would live in if we didn't live in America, going along with the theme of the show on Matt's day back from his world travels. Some people were upset, which didn't surprise me, sadly:

Imagine if someone started a radio show that wasn’t liberal and only discussed the Wildcats. You guys would be out of business or at least have a damn good run for your money. All my people can’t stand your views Matt only follow you because you’ve got up-to-date knowledge of the cats. 

Great article, leave your left wing snowflake ideas to the tools at CNN. This is why ESPN is losing market share. This is a sports sight, not a way for you global idiots to interject with your elitist views. We cant even kick out crime ridden illegals so I’m sure you stiffs aren’t going anywhere.

I would expect this liberal garbage if this were Louisville Sports Radio. Louisville is the most liberal city in our state, but we are Cat fans, what a joke.

So, please forgive us for naming our second favorite countries on the radio. That's our bad. 7. We're recording a KSR Football Podcast today. Football fans, you'll be happy to know that a new KSR Football Podcast (still a temporary name) will hit internet shelves tonight. I am meeting Nick, Freddie and Jared here in a couple of hours to record our thoughts from Media Day and what's ahead. 8. Movie Review: Wakefield is terrible. Saturday night I decided to check out Wakefield with Bryan Cranston and Jennifer Garner. I had never heard of the movie, but with those two in it, it has to be good, right? WRONG. Those were two hours of my life I'll never get back. It's Cranston sitting in his garage the entire time as part of his (intentional) disappearance from his cookie-cutter life. I stuck with it hoping the ending would save the day, but it was even worse. My point: Don't watch Wakefield. 9. Steve Bartman is getting a ring from the Cubs. Is that supposed to make up for all of the hell he's received for over a decade? If I'm Bartman I throw it in the Chicago River. 10. KSR returns to discuss more from Matt's vacation and Ryan's potential run for Senate. 10 am. Tune in.

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