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Due to the site issues from earlier, I have to post TH's post....it is still great dad I know the guys here have been a little rough on our neighbors to the south, but, the truth is, Tennessee has given us quite a lot. We can always give thanks to the Volunteer State for such things as Conway “Twitty” City of Henderson, Incline Railroad of Chattanooga, and the Turkey Hunter’s ex-gf, the Dryer Sheet, of New Tazwell (so nicknamed due to her tendency of being extremely clingy, smelling nice, and only useful for a very limited purpose). Even though I grew up only miles from the state-line, basking in the glow of the hunter-safety/big orange, I decided to get the insight of all things great in TN from someone who would have recently experienced all the finer things the state had to offer. That is why I caught up with Doyle Munson of Seviereville, Tennessee. Doyle is an 2010 commitment that recently signed after a brief, whirlwind recruiting experience at the hands of Bruce Pearl. Doyle is a 6'5" swingan, that over his high school career, averaged 8 points, 7 boards, and 3 days attendance during deer season. I recently had a chance to catch up with Doyle at his home nestled in the shadow of Dollywood’s newest attraction, Seviereville Orthodontic Group. http://www.musictap.net/DuanesPunkPitNotes/PitStopArt/db-p-full-rednecks.jpg Turkey Hunter (TH): Doyle, thanks for giving me the opportunity to come and get a few minutes with you. Right off, what sealed the deal for you at the University of Tennessee? Doyle Munson (DM): Well, ya know they got that body farm place down there at UT, where all them CSI types get to get qualified to poke around dead folks. I saw that as an opportunity to further my after-college goals. TH: Oh, so you are interested in the forensic sciences? DM: Nope, I want to dig graves. Ever since I saw my first Monster Jam on the old TNN’s Monster Madness, I fell in love with the truck Grave Digger. Look here on my back- got that tattoo of “One Run” Anderson, the BEST driver ever to get behind the wheel, for my seventh birthday. Anywho, figured that would be a pretty good vocation for me. Plus, it’ll allow me to keep my days free for my real passion. TH: What’s that? DM: Blowin shit the F’ up. TH: Really. Interesting. Did you visit any schools besides UT before making your decision? DM: Sure did. We got the high speed internet back in the fall so I took a visit to the University of Phoenix. I really liked that place, cause, as I recall, they were the ones that gave that MacGyver feller a lot of money to go traveling and tinkering with stuff. In lot of the episodes, stuff got blown the F up, so I really felt a connection. But, the visit got cut short when this nice girl I didn’t know but was dying to meet me from Myspace sent me a request to meet her for a webcam chat and my computer got a virus. TH: That’s tough. Did TN roll out the red carpet for you when you took your official? DM: They did it up proper for me, that’s for sure. They hired one of them scenic chopper pilots from Gatlinburg, you know- like TC from Magnum, to pick me over the hill at the Applebarn and give me a lift in to town. That was amazing. Coach Bruce was so nice. When I got on campus, they let me have as many Crunchwrap Supremes as a fella could push in him. Then, some of the boys from the team gave me my own headband. Well, I say headband, but my heads pretty big, so what they did was take a tire off a tri-cycle, paint it orange, and there you have it. TH: Did you get to play any pickup games? DM: Nah, I’m still nursing that stab wound I picked up at the Sundowner a couple of weeks ago. Got in a little scuffle over at the nudey photo hunt machine. No biggie. TH: Did you meet any of the other coaches on your trip? DM: Well, they made a big deal out of some old broad that coaches the lady team. I was real happy when she first came out cause I thought it was that one from the movies that made the coat out of puppies. I loved that movie- partly cause of the tremendous score that captures the essence of the cinematography. Partly cause I like to kill puppies. Turns out it wasn’t her though, so, whatever. TH: Is there anything that you would like the Big Blue nation to know about you before you take the floor next year as a rival opponent? DM: As the great wrestler Ultimate Warrior said, “Load the spaceship with rocket fuel! Load it with the warriors!” And that’s all she wrote.

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