TV Debuts for Fall 2016
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TV Debuts for Fall 2016

Josh Juckettover 5 years


Article written by:Josh JuckettJosh Juckett


About a year ago we found out that the X Files was returning as a mini-series.  At the time there was a lot of excitement, but there was a bit of trepidation at the trend of shows being recycled, rebooted, and rehashed.  A year later and that trend not only continues, but seems to be the norm for networks.  Fox released their upcoming 2016-17 slate of shows and here are some of the “new” shows rolling out: Lethal Weapon, The Exorcist, 24, Prison Break, and a reboot tv movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Rather than beat a dead horse about the seeming oversaturation of redone material, I have decided to join in on the fun.  Here are five shows which I conceived by merely standing on the shoulders of giants: Lord of the Rings: Hobbiton Abbey (PBS) hobbiton abbey A reboot of the LOTR movies, this show takes us inside the inner workings of the Shire after Frodo and Company return from destroying the Ring.  Deception, drama, and a little bit of fun await every week as the Proudfeet, Gamgees, and Boffins drink their ale and smoke their pipeweed.  Can Frodo protect his inheritance from the meddling Sackville-Baggins clan?  Find out in this taught drama airing Sundays at 9:00 on PBS. Powers (AMC) POWERS SHOW Before True Detective, before Benedict Cumberbatch took up residence at 221B Baker St, there was one international man of mystery who was really groovy.  Powers takes you back to before Austin had established himself as the go-to crime solving shagadelic hero that we know.  See how Austin Powers rose to prominence in 1950s London along with his friend Basil Exposition (Woody Harrelson)  in this suspenseful crime thriller. Back to the Jurassic Park (FOX) BACK TO THE JURASSIC PARK A mashup of two beloved movie franchises, Back to the Jurassic Park throws time travelling humans into a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs.  The humans have been forced to flee their own time due to Earth’s inability to sustain life.  Can they survive in this new world?  We’ll never know because Fox tried this already.  It was called Terra Nova and it was awesome but it was cancelled after one season.  Smh. Gone Fishin’ (ABC) Gone Fishin Tim Allen returns to network TV as Quint, Amity Island’s gruff but loveable shark hunter.  Years before the island was menaced by a great white shark, Quint kept the quiet town of Amity hopping with his many misadventures.  From catching sharks to saving Bingo day at the local Moose Lodge, the hijinks never end.  Featuring Richard Karn as Mayor Larry Vaughn and Ron White as Quint’s second mate, Shrimp. Dread Pirate Roberts (TNT) dread pirate The classic movie The Princess Bride comes back to life for a new generation of audiences in Dread Pirate Roberts.  Taking over the role of the legendary pirate, Inigo Montoya learns to navigate the high seas with his best friend and right hand man, Fezzik.  Inigo and Fezzik travel through Florin and Gilder, marauding, pirating, and staying just ahead of the vengeful Prince Humperdinck.  Adventure, love, and revenge abound in the latest hit from Shonda Rhimes.

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