Tweet Beat: DeMarcus Cousins vs. Isaiah Thomas in the Battle of the Photoshops

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 8 years


As part of the never-ending quest to bring you University of Kentucky news in the most ridiculous manner possible, I comb the Twitter-verse each week for the funniest, oddest, and sometimes, nearly illegible tweets from your favorite players and personalities. Basically, I read Twitter so you don’t have to. Without further ado, here are the best tweets of the week. Teammates DeMarcus Cousins and Isaiah Thomas have been locked in a bizarre Twitter war this summer, swapping good-natured barbs, most of the time with hilarious photoshops. Some of the latest examples: I spent way too long trying to figure out if this picture was real: Either way, I hope the Twitter war continues. It's Tweet Beat gold, Jerry, gold! Willie Cauley-Stein has never been afraid to share his thoughts with the Big Blue Nation. After UK's loss to Western on Saturday, he attempted to calm down the masses: Before you get too mad... See? He's learning. Alex Poythress may have something to say for those of you calling him a sidekick: Yesterday was Picture Day for the UK basketball team, and so far, only a few have shared their own shots from the day: Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 3.16.09 PM Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 3.17.02 PM Day one and your locker's already a mess, E.J. Get it together! Josh Harrellson got a new tattoo recently, and it is huge: How long do you think that took? Hey Panda Express: give a growing boy some extra sauce, please. Do you think this tweet from Andrew Harrison is related at all? Marcus Lee smiles a lot. Even when the coaches are yelling at him: Something tells me Cal is not amused. In other Marcus Lee news, from the looks of his Instagram feed, he is well-poised to take over Willie Cauley-Stein's role as the team hipster: After an up-and-down year at UK, it's really nice to see Archie Goodwin doing well in the pros, both on and off the court. Check out this note he posted from a fan: Keep making them eat they feet, Archie. No one is safe from D.Lamb. #TeamNoSleep At least it wasn't Richy P. That poor kid has had more unfortunate pictures posted of him on Twitter than a pregnant Kim Khardashian. Today's random person who plays Temple Run: Goose Givens Who knew? If you thought your day was beautiful, just look at Papa Brooks' latest tweet: His twitter pictures could be sold as art. And I would buy it. Za'Darius Smith was by far the happiest guy at the CatWalk, and he's still not over it: He's not lying. Check out this picture I snapped of him on Saturday: We want more of those smiles on Saturday, guys! Joker, something tells me this gator has no desire to play football. Or move. This week's "Tweet That Makes You Go Aww" goes to Andrew and Aaron Harrison, who were pretty darn adorable back in the day: It doesn't get much cuter than that. Until next time, RT plz?

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