Tweet Beat: #LouisvilleHateDay

Mrs. Tyler Thompsonabout 9 years


As part of the never-ending quest to bring you University of Kentucky news in the most ridiculous manner possible, I comb the Twitter-verse each week for the funniest, oddest, and sometimes, nearly illegible tweets from your favorite players and personalities. Basically, I read Twitter so you don’t have to. Without further ado, here are the best tweets of the week. Sadly, Louisville Hate Day is coming to an end. This year's may have been the best yet, with #LouisvilleHateDay trending nationally and an epic slate of posts throughout the day. The only thing missing? You. To make sure your voice is part of this blessed holiday, I compiled the best #LouisvilleHateDay tweets from the past twenty-four hours for a special edition of Tweet Beat. KSR, this one's for you. The top tweet of the day has to go to J-Lo himself, an avid KSR reader and listener whose tweet left the Card Nation grasping for a comeback: Former Cat A.J. Nance couldn't resist chiming in, tweeting this picture of himself and Randall Cobb holding up the Governor's Cup trophy: And more fun insults: The rest of you were funny: A little random: You shared your own disturbing Louisville fan pictures: Your "We Beat Louisville" pics: #LouisvilleHateDay destroyed a potential romance: It inspired people's moms to get their tweet on: The rest of the nation picked up on the Black n' Mild scent: Even Turley Curd got in on the fun! Well done, BBN. Until next time, RT plz?

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