Tweet Beat: Sodium-free

Tweet Beat: Sodium-free

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As part of the never-ending quest to bring you University of Kentucky news in the most ridiculous manner possible, I comb the Twitter-verse each week for the funniest, oddest, and sometimes, nearly illegible tweets from your favorite players and personalities. Basically, I read Twitter so you don’t have to. Without further ado, here are the best tweets of the week. The offseason sucks for all of us, but it's the best of times for Tweet Beat. Players loosen up, get bored, and generally act a fool, which means happy times for us. Put your game face on and leggo! Coach Cal got mail! What's inside?? Beautiful, but does anyone else find it odd that they had to put it together themselves? Only in Kentucky: We'll never forget, MKG. Sounds like Kate Upton and John Wall need to do a dance off. Who do you think has the better dougie? Before we go past the jump, I'm putting out a Tweet Beat APB out for Ryan Harrow, who apparently has deleted his Twitter account. Harrow has been missing for an unknown number of days, but we will hold a vigil for his return, inside a circle of sneakers and fresh shoelaces. Nerlens Noel may have already committed to the Cats, but that's not stopping him from taking his last "official visit" to the Bluegrass this weekend. Get your flat tops ready, Keeneland! Hey Kyle Tucker: watch your back. Richie Farmer's coming for your Marriot Rewards points! Remember all those "fat Chuck Hayes" jokes that went around during the lockout? Some people are still making them, much to Chuck's amusement: I seriously read this tweet while drinking a cup of hot tea. Old lady points for us, Sam! Earlier this week, we pored over every tweet from the players for insight into their decisions. Many of you thought this tweet to Doron Lamb meant he was staying for "One More Year": While the shading is impressive, that picture is still creepy as hell. Will we be seeing Darius Miller as a celebrity bartender at Tin Roof soon? Best part of the offseason? Jon Hood #laketweets. And if I'm not mistaken, did Hood just admit to using the tanning booth? Hmmm... Josh Hopkins has a mustache. That is all. Ravi Moss knows awkward moments: Speaking of Ravi, I guess since he changed his Twitter avi to a pic of him and @KristenPflum, they're official now? As someone who has watched both of them flirt and fight over the Twitter for the past year, I'm glad they're finally Twitfficial. This should be a PSA against drunk texting: It warms my heart that while in Minnesota for a game against the Timberwolves, Nazr got a chance to catch up with Tubby Smith: No judgment, Prarie: During the off-season, our boys get bored and tend to get...distracted. Their drama is our gain! I present the newest segment on Tweet Beat: #ladyproblems Major props to Tweet Beat reader @helitzur for the tip on this deleted tweet by Josh Harrellson, who clearly had some major #ladyproblems last week: Hey residents of Denver: chill out. Jacob Tamme is not stealing a car. Ladies, continue to swoon: Randall Cobb can cook, too. I agree with this, Winston: Is Tim Couch going bald?? The 15-year-old girl in me just cried a little bit. Also, the guy to his left is totally pulling off the "Serious Terrence Jones" look. For my own sake, I hope Josh Clemons was referring to a movie about the early 1900's and not a movie made in the 20th century...because that span is big and would make me feel really, really old: Hey, it's spring football time! Did you know that? One of the grand traditions of spring football is coming up with a catchy slogan for the fall campaign. Let's look at a few options: "ON A MISSION"? "WE BEG TO DIFFER"? I guess that's better than "Rise"? This week's "Tweet that Makes You Go 'Aww'" goes to Kyle Wiltjer's little brother, who is sporting the heck out of some Kentucky gear: Lil Wiltj, how much do you want for that basketball? Oh, Boyd, you're gonna have to be really careful while wearing those shoes. #ohboydmomentoftheweek You may have seen this tweet on KSTV's Tweet Beat, but it's so good that we had to use it again on (the original) Tweet Beat as our "Bookie Tweet of the Week": Avoid the salt, people. Until next time, RT plz?

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