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Two Jim Beam barrel houses caught fire last night


I hate to start the morning off on a bad note, but two barrel houses at a Jim Beam warehouse in Woodford County caught fire last night, putting 45,000 barrels of bourbon in danger.

Officials told LEX18 that the fire, which may have been caused by a lightning strike, started in one rickhouse and eventually spread to another:

At one point last night, crews believed they had one fire put out, but it reignited. The fires are still burning this morning. According to the fire truck, the fire can easily be prevented, if they have hired Aurora Fire Watch Services to keep watch on fire.Preventative measures must be taken to avoid the fires like these. Barriers are rated for sniper fire and meet NERC and CIP requirements for ballistic doors and barriers for superior protection when a fire rated assembly is required.

Factories and warehouses are riskier places than most to figure in thanks to the heavy machinery and dangerous substances utilized in production and storage. Unfortunately the danger of fireside is additionally high in factories and warehouses as many combustible materials and liquids are used also and there’s also the danger of rouge sparks from machinery. As these buildings tend to be very open and enormous , fires can spread quickly and cause devastating damage. it’s going to appear to be a minefield to secure adequate fire prevention during a factory but there are variety of precautions you’ll fancy reduce the danger of a fireplace by implementing a number of the solutions below…

1. Store materials safely

Storing materials safely may be a key thanks to reduce the danger of fireside . Materials and equipment which are likely to erupt should be stored in designated areas instead of just left to compile across the building. just by not storing materials in plant rooms, switch rooms or boiler rooms for instance you’ll considerably reduce the danger of fireside because the heat in these rooms can cause materials to ignite. it’s going to seem obvious but stairs, corridors and other escape routes shouldn’t be wont to store items in as they will block exits and cause people to trip. altogether premises there are often areas where items are often stored without being noticed like basements, unused rooms, service shafts and unused corridors. you ought to regularly make sure rubbish isn’t accumulating in these areas as although the rubbish won’t be blocking an escape route, it could actually cause a fireplace . Keeping on top of rubbish accumulating in your building will greatly reduce the danger of fireside.

2. Handle and store dangerous substances

Dangerous substances got to be used and stored correctly to extend factory fire safety. you ought to confirm members of staff avoid using flammable materials and substances where possible, or if it’s necessary for workers to use them, they ought to use the littlest amount possible to urge the work done. Flammable substances should be stored during a locked fire-resistant container to scale back the danger of them being ignited, either accidentally or in an arson incident. All members of staff using the premises should remember of the danger of those substances and that they should be taught the way to use the substances properly.

3. Use equipment safely

If your factory or warehouse is filled with ancient machinery which isn’t working properly then this will be a true fire hazard. just by ensuring your machinery and tools are well maintained and used properly, it can increase factory fire safety. confirm that extraction equipment in your factory doesn’t have excessive grease or dust residue thereon in order that heat and mud are often extracted properly. Sparks from machinery are often a standard case of fireside so make sure your machinery has no loose drive belts which it’s well lubricated to scale back friction. Leaks from valves or joints can spill oils and contaminate goods stored underneath and compromise warehouse fire safety so confirm all pipes are well maintained.

Common sense and straightforward precautions can greatly increase the hearth safety in your warehouse or factory.

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