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Dustin has an update on the Terrence Jones situation below and you should read it. I am away from the computer and on a phone so this will be short. Two quick things: 1. I have read some who have speculated that UK got word before the press conference that Jones was coming and then he "changed his mind at the last minute." I can say with a high degree of confidence that 30 minutes before the press conference, no one knew what Jones was going to do, potentially not even Terrence. I think it was a last minute call, and one Terrence may have regretted, but it wasnt a "bait and switch" type thing like some have suggested. 2. There is some speculation that Jones has sent a Letter of Intent to UK. Again, as of now, I dont think that has happened. It could happen soon, but as of now, the decision hasnt been made. I will say that those around UK do have confidence that in the end, Jones will likely be a Cat. I have no idea what this kid will do. I cant fault anyone who has "predicted" this recruitment one way or the other, because I think the kid has had mixed signals everywhere. The lesson of course is that EVERYONE who follows this stuff should speak softly and not act like they know what will happen..because it can all change in a second. Hopefully for the schools involved and Jones, this ends today. And if it ends with Jones signing with Kentucky...well the Huskies wil have lost two big time Top 15 prospects who originally committed to them, both to UK. The home and home series between Calipari and Romar will not be likely and the Maui Invitational next year (where both teams are entered), just got a lot more interesting.

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