Tyrek Coger announces commitment to Dustin
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Tyrek Coger announces commitment to Dustin

Thomas Beisneralmost 11 years


Article written by:Thomas BeisnerThomas Beisner
In the world of recruiting, you can spend time traveling the country and rubbing elbows with seedy characters or people you normally wouldn't suck up to in an effort to let a kid half your age look down on you for a few minutes, but that can get expensive.  It's a lot easier on your wallet and your pride if you just let the players announce it to anyone who will listen and then let those people call into the radio show.  And that is exactly what brings us to Tyrek Coger. Coger, ranked among the nation's best players in the class of 2013, was telling anyone who would listen that he's committed to Kentucky this weekend while playing at Bullitt East.  This, of course, according to Dustin.  Dustin was a caller on the radio show today.  Assuming Coger isn't telling the whole truth - no disrespect to Dustin - what does it say about the UK program that a top-40 player would make up his commitment to the school?  It takes far less than that to impress Bullitt County girls. And, if it's actually true, we'll give props to Cal for grabbing a skilled big mana and then we'll have to give Dustin all the riches in Scotland.  But, even if we find out that Tyrek Coger knows no Dustins, hates Kentucky and is afraid of commitment, it doesn't matter. All that should matter is that Dustin and his tale of Tyrek Coger has introduced us into one of the internet's great gemsCoger's Twitter account.  Here is a sampling of what he has to offer (edited slightly):
omg on the toilet all i have to say is my stomach is killing me softly.. i will never eat a chicken sandwich again.ahahahahaha. if twittering in the tub is a b---h then i guess im a b---h..lol
Tyrek Coger.  Hear about him.  Talk about him.  Tweet about him.  Welcome him? Visual stimulation:

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