Uga's BFF Smokey

Patrick Barkeralmost 12 years


Aritcle written by:Patrick BarkerPatrick Barker
smokeycheer Last week we learned of the passing of Georgia's mascot Uga before the game. This week, there will be another pooch patrolling the sidelines- UT's Smokey. I did a little research into the history of this dog and let me tell you- his record is almost as spotty as the Vols defesnive line. Let me give you the abridged history of this Bluetick Coonhound: Smokey I (1953-1954) Killed when struck by a car Smokey II (1955-1964) -Probably my favorite story. Kidnapped by UK students in 1955, but was returned prior to kickoff. Then, Vandy students tried to do the same, only they stole the wrong dog. And they say Vandy kids are smart... -Fought the Baylor Bear during the 1957 Sugar Bowl. One website said Smokey was "mauled". And while I can't find photo evidence of that, I did find this. Who decided it was a good idea to let a bear and a dog even get near each other? Smokey VI (1984-1991) -For whatever reason, UT thought it would be "cute" to put Smokey VI on the postgame injury report following a 1991 game against UCLA. Smokey had heat exhaustion, which goes to prove that putting a coat on a dog in the middle of summer Tennessee heat is NOT a good idea. Smokey VII (1992-1994) -This is my favorite Smokey. The UT website says that this was the first Smokey not actually from Tennessee. He was relived of duty early after he bit the same tuba player in UT's marching bad two weeks in a row. Could you imagine how you would feel if you were taken from your home and forced to wear ugly orange and root for the Vols? Yeah, I'd go on a biting rampage, too. We're currently on Smokey IX. This one has been serving since 2004 and has had the priviledge of serving during a really bad stretch of football. Instead of booting Fulmer, you think they should have got a new dog instead?

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