UK Athletics' Class of 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees want evening notes

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[caption id="attachment_207731" align="alignnone" width="639"]via UK Athletics via UK Athletics[/caption] Getting into the UK HOF is no short order. I'm sure we're all familiar with the contributions Rich Brooks, Chuck Hayes and Wesley Woodyard have made to UK Athletics, but the other inductees are equally impressive. Johnson-Belcher was the softball program's first All-American. She also ended her career atop the UK record books in batting average (.389), doubles (56), runs (161), home runs (35), slugging percentage (.656), total bases (445)–an impressive enough stint to earn her a spot on the US Team in 2009 and 2010 James Johnson won three national championships in Greco-Roman wrestling post-college, and was also named national wrestler of the year in 1993. Johnson was on the coaching staff for USA wrestling in 2012 and 2016. Bernadette Madigan-Dugan became the first UK female to win a national track championship at the NCAA two-mile run in 1982. She also deserves a spot in the UK hyphenated name Hall of Fame.

South Carolina game tomorrow

Is now the time for coach Stoops and co. to turn the program around and become a darkhorse bowl contender? We could get an answer tomorrow at 7:30 E.T. Maybe it'll be enough for Barnhart to officially turn off the seat warmer, or maybe we'll start to actually consider that ridiculous buyout (unlikely.) Check out these posts for an in-depth look: Not directly related, but spot on: [embed][/embed]

Papaw Brooks has hope for Stoops

During the induction dinner, Brooks had this to say of Stoops [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed] I hope he's right. If he is, I'd imagine his reaction will look something like this: [embed][/embed]

The Patriots' Quarterback Situation

America's most hated team found itself in a pickle today, as reports came out that its third string QB Jacoby Brissett sprained his thumb. Normally this would be small potatoes, but with Tom Brady still serving his Deflategate suspension and backup Jimmy Garoppolo nursing a shoulder injury, Bill Bellichick might have to look elsewhere–or to their star WR Julian Edelman, who played QB at Kent State. The news caused some (pretty hilarious) stir on the internet: [embed][/embed] [embed][/embed]

Kevin Garnett Retired

Garnett didn't have the opportunity to cross paths with UK, but if he did, I'd imagine he would have given us some headaches... Or a headbutt: [embed][/embed] Regardless of some of his infamous history (e.g. calling Charlie Villanueva a "Cancer patient") Garnett was mostly loved by NBA fans during his tenure, and was one of the–if not the–best players of the early-2000's NBA. The "Big Ticket" also showed KAT a thing or two this past season in Minnesota, which obviously worked out well. Thanks KG

Hillary Clinton's appearance on "Between Two Ferns"

In an effort to make the presidential candidate seem like less of a malfunctioning robot who uses "pneumonia" as a thinly veiled excuse more personable, she appeared on comedian Zach Galifinakis' youtube show "Between Two Ferns." Personally, I don't think the video much helps her case–as comedy clearly isn't in her wheelhouse–but Galifinakis is, per usual, hilarious throughout. It's something you can enjoy regardless of who you're voting for: [embed][/embed] "We should stay in touch, Mrs. Clinton. What's the best way to reach you, email?" @LilbighornKSR

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