UK Basketball Audio Preview: Patrick Patterson

UK Basketball Audio Preview: Patrick Patterson

Matt Jonesabout 13 years


Article written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
When I came up with this idea, it seemed great. Get all the guys on audio at Media Day and then put the previews here on the site. What could go wrong? Well one thing that could go wrong is that every interview cut off after 2 minutes. Oh well, whatcha gonna do? But 2 minutes is better than no minutes, so here is our man Patrick Patterson: Patrick Patterson - Others to Wear #54: Don Mills (1958) --- All SEC Player....picked 18th in the NBA Draft Howard Dardeen (1959) --- played 14 games, transferred to Indiana State Roy Roberts (1960) --- Wore Four numbers in four years....difficult to pin down Larry Lentz (1964-1966) --- scored 26 points in his career...12 in one game Art Laib (1968-1970) --- From San reserve with a wicked part in his hair Tom Payne (1971) --- First African American on UK basketball team Dan Hall (1975-1976) --- Came from Betsy Layne....transferred to Marshall Melvin Turpin (1981-1984) --- Dinner Bell Mel....part of a Twin Tower Regime Vote for the best #54 to the right.....

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