UK Basketball Valentine's Day Cards For The Special Lady In Your Life

UK Basketball Valentine's Day Cards For The Special Lady In Your Life

Drew Franklinover 6 years


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Valentine's Day is almost here and you've waited until the last minute to pull something together. Shame on you, guys. You're better than that. But worry not, my friends, because I'm here this evening to save the day for all of you slackers out there with these Kentucky basketball-themed Valentine's Day cards. Give one or two or all of these to your lady or that special someone you want to be your lady and her heart will melt before your very eyes. She'll be dying to rip off your wrinkled JCPenney button-down to get her paws on those sweaty manboobs. Trust me. These cards are FLAWLESS. It's like fishing with dynamite; you'll reel her right in. The only thing you'll have to worry about is who's getting up to cook breakfast, or how you're going to fix that headboard Sunday afternoon. As for what I get out of this act of generosity, this John Stockton-like assist of love, all I ask of you is that you thank me later for whatever happens when the lights go out Saturday night. A tweet or a fist-bump or a brief e-mail should do the trick; I don't need intimate details. Just give me a wink next time you see me and I'll know my job was done. So print these, cut them out, and give them to the woman in your life, then you're on your own from there, Casanova. You got this. Oh, and you're welcome. ***** vday-willie ***** vday-icecream ***** vday-lee ***** vday-long ***** vday-dancingguy ***** vday-platoon ***** vday-twins ***** vday-richie ***** vday-reload ***** vday-bench

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