UK Co-Fans of the Day Want Fan Outfitters Contest Coming Tonight

UK Co-Fans of the Day Want Fan Outfitters Contest Coming Tonight

Matt Jonesalmost 11 years


Aritcle written by:Matt JonesMatt Jones
fans1 Tonight around 9 pm, maybe a few minutes before, maybe a bit later, we will launch the first of two Fan Outfitters UK Fan Contest here on KSR. The premise is simple...there are 322 Division I teams in college basketball. We will have a list of all of them (except Duke...they are out) on the site. In the comments section, you will put your real name and the team you want. If you are the first one to post the team, you get it. If yours is taken, pick someone else. 322 of you will each get a team that is your team and the rest will unfortunately, not. Then as each team on the list loses, they are eliminated. Whichever team stays on the list the longest (aka gets the longest winning streak beginning on Thursday), wins the contest. First prize will be a $150 gift card from Fan Outfitters for UK merchandise, some cold hard cash from KSR and a post on the site to write whatever you want about UK athletics, your family, Drew Franklin or any other topic. Its that simple. So be on the site this evening. It is first come, first serve for teams and we will stay until everyone gets a team. As people sign up, their names will be put on the list and you can see what is available. You can't pick Duke and you can only have one team. We will check the ID of the winner and go from there. Come and get involved tonight...wi

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