UK Culture 101: University of Kentucky Hockey Games
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UK Culture 101: University of Kentucky Hockey Games

Chris Tomlinabout 5 years


Article written by:Chris TomlinChris Tomlin

(A report from guest writer Brad Morris for KSR Funkhouser)


Ah, the sounds of sports at UK during Autumn. The popping of football pads at Commonwealth , the squeaking of sneakers at Rupp, and. . . the sloshing of skates at the Ice Center???

For almost three decades, the UK club Hockey team has been tearing it up, always at midnight, at Lexington’s only dedicated ice rink at 560 Eureka Springs Dr on the east side of town. And for those who’ve never been, you’re missing out on a great event. Fueled by some liquid courage, a maxed out crowd of 502 packs and stands the whole game.


The atmosphere at these events is hard to describe. The low ceiling helps to generate more noise. The booming music during breaks is always spot on. However, the chants fans yell after UK scores a goal are the stuff of legend (I can’t yell it on here, NSFW). We’ve had debates over the years of how cold and quiet Rupp can be, and this is the exact opposite. If I was to bring a small child, which I have, I’d invest in some ear plugs. We’re talking NASCAR decibels.

The history of UK hockey got a big boost in 1998, when super fan Ashley Judd appeared on the poster for that season, wearing only. .

The tradition has continued every year with a Kentucky woman being on the schedule poster. From Rebecca Gayheart, to this years pick, a KSR exclusive scoop, Kindly Myers from Bowling Green. . .


And what better way to kickoff the 2016-17 season than little brother himself, Louisville. This Friday, for only $7 per person, the puck drops at midnight against the Cards. While the game starts then, it’s recommended you show up early, since last year they had to close the doors at max capacity and leave 150 people on the outside.

So supporting the hockey club is an adventure, and these guys deserve it. They have to actually pay to play, anywhere from $2,500 to $3,000, just to play one season. Drive their own cars to away games. Drink the cheapest beer they can find (Ok, I made that up, but all their money goes to just getting on the ice). And who knows, you may show up to see a fight in the rink, and a hockey game may break out. Go Cayts.

You can follow the Ice Cats on Twitter @Kentucky_Hockey, or on Facebook at

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