UK Earns USA Today's 5th Most Miserable Week 1

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Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.51.55 PM We all want to forget about last night, but we probably never will. This loss will go down as one of the worse in school history. It hurt. It was demoralizing. It was miserable. That's why this week, UK landed on USA Today's CFB Misery Index As much as fans would like to list Kentucky at #1, surprisingly it could've been worse. Kentucky's embarrassing loss only came in at #5 on the list:
5. Kentucky: It wasn’t a great weekend to be a Stoops brother, especially Mark as he enters a monster season. Kentucky has given him everything he needs from sparkling new facilities to a big, fat contract, and all he’s produced is some nice recruiting classes and 12 wins (just four in the SEC) in three seasons. The Wildcats also have had a habit of losing winnable games and blowing big leads, both of which were factors in a 44-35 loss to Southern Mississippi. Kentucky led by 25 in the second quarter before a total second-half implosion. It’s bad enough on its own, but even worse because Southern Miss’ offensive coordinator Shannon Dawson got a Gatorade bath at the end of the game. Why? Before the 2015 season, Kentucky hired Dawson to run its offense but threw him under the bus quickly when things fell apart. Dawson landed at Southern Miss, returned to Lexington and put up 520 yards in the opener. All things considered, it could not have gone worse for Stoops. The fan base has already started to turn on him but held out hope this year would be different. It looks no different after one week, and remaining support is teetering.
In case you were wondering, USC was the most miserable, following their blowout loss to Alabama. Speaking of the SEC, four other schools made the list, and that's not including Tennessee. They could've easily been the 6th SEC team to make the misery index. Will that continue to play out as the season progresses? Who knows, maybe it'll work in UK's favor down the road. USA Today: Misery Index Week 1


Looking ahead to next week, Florida opens up as a 16.5 favorite over Kentucky.  What are you thoughts as the Cats head into the Swamp? Any optimism left to end the streak?

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