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Good evening, friends, and welcome to a rare Friday evening notes. I'm usually winding down from the blogging world around this time and switching to weekend mode, but tonight I felt compelled to write Kentucky news and notes in bulleted in form for my favorite people on the internet. So, kick back and enjoy what little news I could dig up from around #BBN. --- The NBA combine is underway in Chicago and, for the first time in the John Calipari era, we have only one Kentucky player to really keep up with during the process. Nerlens is almost a lock for that No. 1 pick and he isn't working out, so Archie Goodwin is our NBA Draft entertainment for the month of May. Burr. Archie struggled with his shot during today's drills and it's going to end up being his downfall if he can't improve very, very soon. There isn't a big market for shooting guards who can't shoot, which is exactly what he is right now, unfortunately. This tweet from Draft Express sums the day up: This is how it looked... Time to focus on that move to point guard? He told Andy Katz he's open to it if asked by a team but he plans to stay at the two. --- About a year ago, I decided that Nazr Mohammed will play in the NBA forever. It's truly amazing that he's still in the league after 14 seasons, and if Bulls coach Tom Thibodeux has his way, Nazr will be back for a 15th. Thibodeux said yesterday he would like to re-sign Nazr for another year and that Nazr was "tremendous" this season. However, Thibodeux also acknowledged that the market could call for someone else to take his place. One Bulls reporter said odds of Nazr being back in Chicago next season are very slim. Kings? You listening? --- Soon-to-be Kentucky football star Ryan Timmons won the state 100-meter title today, making him a three-time state champion in the event. That's your future kick returner, folks. Congrats to Ryan. --- Oh, look, Kentucky will play NCAA Division III school Franciscan University of Steubenville in basketball in 2014. Cal extended the offer back in April while serving as the guest speaker at a fundraiser for the school, then announced it to the audience during his speech. Now it appears the deal is finalized for an exhibition game in Rupp Arena in November 2014. Beat the....ummmm... Google search... Barons! Beat the Barons! --- Finally, for you golf lovers, our friends over at IZOD are giving away a round of golf at Pebble Beach. I'd highly recommend you sign up and take me with you if you win. That'll do it for now. Enjoy your weekend and Go Cats.

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