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cigarguy1 Before we get going, a note on the "Fans of the Day." We have generally had nothing but positive vibes from those who are chosen for Fans of the Day and we get a TON of pictures of people requesting to be used. But as the days have gone on, the respect level in the comment section has gone way down. We need far fewer obscene/rude comments or we will have to stop the practice all together, and will ban users...including some that otherwise are very good (I am looking at you SexNNursinHomes). So lets all be a bit more respectful...nice and/or funny comments appreciated...rude ones need to go. On a day where the students are watching UK practice, a few notes: --- Randall Cobb apologized about the Twitter comments and generally showcased why everyone and their brother thinks he is a great guy and representative for UK. A full transcript of his comments can be found in this Brett Dawson story, but here are a few highlights: “I was wrong for the fact that I took a percentage – a small percentage – of our fan base and lumped them all as one and made it all whole,” Cobb said. “That’s not how our fans are.” Cobb said that “99.9 percent of our fans are great fans, and they know that. I just took a small chunk and made it something big, and I can’t do that,” Cobb said. “I made a mistake. I’m a man, I admit my mistake, and I just want to come out and let everybody know I’m sorry. I hope they can forgive me.” “What I wanted to get out of it is to let others realize how we can tell what’s going on (in the stands),” Cobb said. “We know what’s going on. We can hear you. Regardless of whether we respond or not, we can hear you. We know what’s being said, and it hurts sometimes. It really does.” Cobb also said that it was his decision to take down the tweet, not that he was forced by coaches. A good decision by Cobb and he handled the adversity of the situation about as well as one could hope. --- The Lexington Herald Leader's Mark Story has a very good column on the incident and suggests that both players and fans could use some mutual understanding on what the other side has been through over the years. Good stuff from Mark. --- Joker Phillips went on the Jim Rome Show today and hit on a number of topics. He talked about the improvement from the team and how they have come together as a team. He also said that the notion of UK as a basketball school only helps football because it allows them to showcase the excitement of the University, saying "who wouldnt want a free ticket to see John Wall play." Great interview from Joker who seems to be really hitting his stride. --- Great interview by Larry Vaught here on Kenny Payne, as he speaks about his decision to come to Kentucky. Among the more interesting points, he notes that Rick Pitino asked him to come to Louisville, but that the only coach that he wanted to coach with was John Calipari. He also stated that Pervis Ellison has asked for some UK gear as well. So two UL legends now in Blue at UK...but hey, at least they have Masiello. --- Crazy day today as not only did Rick Bozich write a negative article about Rick Pitino, but Pat Forde retweeted it and said it was great. The sales of the Pitino book must not have been great the last few months. Here is the link to the radio show from today...check it out if you have some time:

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